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Daniel Island SC HEating and Cooling Request from Retiree

Arctic Air Inc. was contacted by a retired schoolteacher in Daniel Island. The former schoolteacher had found herself getting a bit chilly in the cooler months, so she called her favorite HVAC company about the best services for heating and cooling Daniel Island SC had to offer. The friendly staff at Arctic Air Inc. set up an appointment for that same day, because the lady seemed very concerned and worried about her heating and cooling unit.

The technician arrived promptly as scheduled and looked over the unit. We were able to install some simple equipment that would allow her to stay warm in these cooler months and stay cool in the summer months with the simple operation of her thermostat. The retired schoolteacher was pleased that the problem wasn’t expensive, because now that she is retired she really has to watch her finances and she knew that if something was wrong with her unit it would only cost her more money for energy costs. The technician showed her how to use her new thermostat and she said it was easy to learn. She said she is grateful for Arctic Air Inc. for providing her with professional heating and cooling technicians in Daniel Island SC. She said she can rest assure that her home will be warm this winter and cool when summer arrives, because Arctic Air Inc. is always dependable on keeping her unit running properly and effectively. She can enjoy her retirement in a warm and cool home.

Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas! We have a Christmas Special just for you!

We are running a Christmas Special. This will be limited to 10 customers. Schedule an appointment with Mike before 12/31/14 to get up to $1500 off a new YORK Heating and Air Conditioning System.  Santa has already called us and said that you have been good this year.

There is so much more to discuss …  including  LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTs with approved credit (and you don’t have to have perfect credit to qualify.)

Here are some benefits of installing a new system:

  • Better energy efficiency resulting in lower electric bills
  • 10 year parts/compressor warranty resulting in no cost for 10 years for covered parts
  • 10 year labor warranty resulting in no cost for fixing covered repairs
  • Reliability of a new system resulting in comfort
  • Peace of mind

Let’s face it. If a system is going to go out, it seems like it is going to happen when the house is full of people, or it is extremely hot or cold. In some cases, the energy savings alone could pay for the new unit.

If you are seeing this special on Facebook or Twitter, please share this with your friends and family.



Christmas Special

What to do if your heater isn’t working?

What to do if your heater isn’t working?

Well, our weather has certainly changed drastically over the past week. It has gone from being close to the 80’s to being in the 40’s and 50’s.  The rain that we had yesterday seemed to make it worse. The wonton soup that I ate last night certainly hit the spot!

I want to give everyone a few tips on “what to do if your heater isn’t working?” These tips and more can be found on our website. Some of these seem very elementary, however, it doesn’t hurt to double check.

Thermostat example

Click to enlarge

1.Since you are most likely trying to get some heat, check the setting on the thermostat. Be sure that it is in “heat” mode.

2. Check the temperature setting. In order for the heat to come on, the thermostat must be set higher than the indoor air temperature that is displayed. This is the “communications” hub for your system. The thermostat tells the heating system that you need some heat.

Click to enlarge

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3. Check to see if there is power going to the furnace or air handler. Do this by setting the fan switch to the “on” position (on the thermostat).

Click to enlarge

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4. Check the circuit breakers at the electrical panel of your home. Be sure that they are in the “on” position, and have not tripped.

ssu switch5. If you have a furnace, check the SSU switch. This switch looks like a light switch on a gray box. Again, be sure that it is in the “on” position.

Click to enlarge

6. Check your air filters. Clogged, dirty filters do not allow for air to flow freely to your furnace or air handler. If you have a furnace, check the furnace filters (if applicable). Check these filters on a monthly basis.


If you have checked all of these items, and you are still cold, please contact us. We always have a live person answering the phone 24/7, and service technicians that are available.

In addition, we have some winter specials on our website at





5 star rating posted on for Arctic Air Inc

If you didn’t get a chance to see this 5 Star rating on, check out what Jose F. wrote about us!

5stars-A+“I was worried about the cost of replacing the entire air conditioning unit, but this company did get me a  good payment plan that will not harm my monthly budget. They are very professional and very honest starting with the customer service to installers. I am very satisfied with the work they did in my house, which I will recommend to everyone. Thanks guys, you are awesome!” 

Jose F., Goose Creek SC

Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important?

Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important? Of course, you know the answer is YES! That is if you want to keep your ac/heater running at its peak efficiency, and you don’t want to prematurely have to replace your unit.

Sometimes people need more information about “why” the air filter is important. I didn’t realize how important the air filter is until I started working for Arctic Air. I mean, yeah, I knew that it was there for a reason.  But, do I really have to replace it every month? And, truthfully, you don’t need to replace your filter every month.  That is correct, however you do need to check it every month.

filtercomparisonWhen you check your air filter, if it only has a little bit of dust or dirt trapped in it, you don’t need to change it.  But, if it is dirty then you do. Especially if it looks like the ac/heater was trying to suck it through the duct work! If the latter is the case, you are causing your ac/heater to work harder, use more electricity, and you are potentially going to trap dirty and grime in the evaporator coil (this is an expensive repair).

So how does that ac/heater filter get so dang dirty? Your home, like mine, contains lots of contaminants. Dust, VOCs, pollen, pet hair and dander, and more are floating in the air. When your air conditioner begins to draw the air into the system, it brings these contaminants with it.

Your ac/heater’s air filter(s) is/are the first line of defense. Filters are used to help stop the contaminants from entering the systems.  What is interesting is, the longer you have your air filter installed, the more dirt and grime it will trap. Once these contaminants start building up, that filter will get clogged.

So what! What will happen if my ac/heater is dirty? 

  1. Dirt builds up! – This, as you can guess, is not a good thing.  When dirt gets past the ac/heater’s filter, it will begin to build up on the systems various components. This filth is not good for any of the components, but it especially effects the evaporator coil. This is the component that removes the heat from the air, therefore, providing cool air for your home. When this coil gets dirty, air cannot pass as easily through it. So you don’t get the cooling effect that you desire.  Now your unit has to run longer and harder to reach the set point on your thermostat. This costs you money!  Don’t overpay the electric company.
  2. Higher electric bills! – A dirty evaporator coil is not the only thing that increases the cost of running your ac/heater.  The air handler will also cause your electric bill to increase, and will cause your efficiency to decrease. When the filter is dirty, your air handler will have to work harder and longer to pull the air through the filter. Once again, increasing energy consumption.  This costs you money! Don’t overpay the electric company.
  3. Dirty air distributed! – YUCK. The air filter is supposed to remove contaminants from the air. Remember, this is the air that we breathe. This could potentially cost you money! How? Healthcare costs and time out of work.

If you have any questions about indoor air quality, please feel free to contact us.  There are many different solutions that are available.



ALERT!! Three Changes Coming This Weekend!

TGIF! And, I say it again TGIF!

Happy Halloween!

Before I head out the door to start my weekend, I wanted to remind everyone of three changes that will happen this weekend.  Two of the changes are going to happen whether we like it or not!  The other change is extremely important, but it may be put on the back burner.

So here is the first change…. it is going to be in the weather.  It looks like we are going to get a bit of cold weather this weekend.  Temperatures are going to drop to the mid 30’s (35° F is what one weather news site is stating). If you haven’t already scheduled your Winter Tune-up (preventive maintenance), give us a call at 843-821-0937.  We do have a few appointment times available.

fall back clockThe second change …. is the time.  Yes, the time change is going to happen Sunday morning at 2 am.  Be sure that you don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour.  The extra hour of sleep won’t hurt my feelings one bit… unfortunately, it is going to be dark when I get home in the evenings.don't forget to change your filters

The third change … well, that is up to you.  It is time to change the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems. This is an extremely important change. If your air filters are filled with dirt and debris, your air conditioner and heater are starving for air. When our heating and air equipment is starving for air, it causes the motors to work harder. If the motors are working harder, they are pulling more amps.  When we draw more amps, we increase our electric bills substantially.  In addition, it could cause our equipment to fail prematurely.

Ok everyone… I know that it has got to be 5 o’clock somewhere!  Be safe and enjoy the weekend!


Need a Winter Tune-Up on Your Heater?… Schedule it today!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that it is time to schedule your winter tune-up (aka, start-up, preventive maintenance).

It has been forecast in the news that Charleston SC is going to experience a big drop in the temperature. They are saying that the low on Saturday is going to be around 37°F.

winter tune-up reminderIf you have a preventive maintenance agreement in place with us, you should have already received a reminder postcard and possibly a phone call. We are trying to get as many tune-ups done as possible! We don’t want your families to be cold nor uncomfortable when the weather changes.

For those of you who do not have a preventive maintenance agreement with us, please feel free to call us.  You can take advantage of the benefits from our Discount Club today. Just call 843-821-0937 for more details.

Finally, if you have any problems with your heat over the weekend, remember that we do have an answering service and technicians on standby for you. Don’t hesitate to call.

How I saved almost $50 on my electric bill!

Hello Everyone,

This is the true story of how I saved $50 on my last electric bill!

programmable 7 day thermostatThis weekend Staci and I received the dreaded electric bill from SCE&G. With all of the super cold weather that we have had in the month of February, we were bracing ourselves for the bad news.  I have spoken to several people, and they have reported $400 – $500 electric bills.  Uggh!

Staci and I have lived in our home for about 5 years.  In a previous blog on thermostats (click here to ==> see that blog), I mentioned that we were installing a new digital thermostat made by Honeywell.  The thermostat that we installed is the Honeywell Prestige IAQ 2.0 Comfort System.

remote control thermostatThis thermostat is definitely technologically advanced, yet super easy to use.  With the touch screen, adjustments and programming are super easy.  In addition, we added the portable thermostat.  Now, when we go to bed or are upstairs, we allow the portable thermostat to control our air conditioner.

We had this thermostat install on January 31, 2014.  Troy, one of our technicians, installed it for us.

honeywell mobile siteI must say that I am a bit of a geek when it comes to technology!  I love being able to use my phone or ipad to control the thermostat.  The ultimate in convenience (and laziness).  Yes, I can be sitting in my recliner with my ipad, and adjust the thermostat!  Totally Awesome (in my opinion)!

Just after Troy installing the thermostat, I programmed our “schedule” in myself.  Again, it was super easy!

Now all of that is great, but I only expected to have a “cool” thermostat, and the ability to adjust it from my cell phone or ipad.

I have my electric bill in hand, and this is what I saw…. (account information cropped).


sce&g comparison

The savings is about $50!  Just by putting a schedule in place and letting the thermostat control it.  I will also admit, there were times in February (remember the two ice storms) that the thermostat was actually adjusted to warm our home a little more!

I am not sure that everyone will experience the same savings, but this is a great place to start. And to think, this is just the first month!

Give me a call (843-821-0937), if you would like to see about getting your new thermostat installed and programmed.

Time to check your ac air filters! March is here!

Hello Everyone! Well February blew right by, and March 1 is here.  This is just your friendly reminder: It is time to check your ac air filters! If they are dirty, it is very important to change them.

Here are 6 reasons why you should change your air conditioner’s filter.


air filter air conditioning heating charleston sc1.  A dirty air filter is the #1 reason for HVAC system failure.  A dirty filter restricts the air flow into your HVAC systems air handler.  This restricted air flow places additional strain on the air handler fan motor and could, over time, burn out the motor and cause your system to overheat and ultimately fail.  Filter replacement is a small price to pay to extend to life of one of the biggest financial investments in your home.

2.  A dirty air filter makes your fan motor work harder and consume more energy.  One of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your energy bill is to replace your air filter.

3.  A dirty air filter reduces the air quality in your home. Poor home air quality can aggravate allergies and asthma, particularly children’s allergies.  Change your filter for your family’s health.

4.  A dirty air filter makes your heating and air-conditioning systems and your ducts get dirty faster.  This can lead to costly cleaning expenses or to a need to replace your units sooner than you expected.

5. A dirty air filter increases your energy bills. You can see an immediate, short-term cost saving s when you replace your air filter.

6. A dirty air filter increases your carbon footprint.  Changing your filter reduces the amount of energy your home consumes. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to be environmentally responsible.

As always, if you are having trouble with your air conditioner, heater, heat pump or furnace, please give Arctic Air a call at 843-821-0937.

Enjoy the weekend!


Arctic Air, a York CCE Dealer… But what does that mean?

Arctic Air, a York CCE Dealer … But what does that mean?

Arctic Air has always had a reputation in the Charleston / Summerville SC market as being a premier air conditioning, heating, and commercial refrigeration contractor. We all strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  This satisfaction goal has been in place since the inception of Arctic Air. John and Valarie would not have it any other way!

York air conditionerWhen we partnered with York (a Johnson Controls Company), we found that the values of our small, family owned and operated company were also shared with York.  York and the Arctic Air family believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction.  Because of our partnership with York as a CCE (Comfort Control Expert), we can now offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

In a nut shell, a Certified Comfort Expert: York® Certified Comfort Expert™ (CCE) Dealers offer customers a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. That means if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll make things right. 

HVAC Financing AvailableThat means that you get hometown value combined with a large, industry leading corporation that believe in the same things…. basically, we take care of our customers.

Here is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

When you work with a York® CCE Dealer (Arctic Air – hint, hint), your installation is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. That means:

  • If you are not totally satisfied with the performed service work, York will make things right—or we will refund your service call fee. (Of course, this applies to York equipment that is under warranty.)
  • On installation work, York will satisfy any material or workmanship issues, or we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money.
With this partnership with York, our service technicians receive local service training, specialized technical training and support, and we are able to offer 10 year labor warranties for new air conditioning, furnaces, and heat pumps.
With most York Residential units, there is a 10 year parts and 10 year compressor warranty that is included at no additional charge.  By adding a 10 year labor warranty, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your unit is covered!  This labor warranty is very affordable and adds the protection that you need!
HVAC FinancingIf you are in need of a new air conditioning and heating system, please give Mike a call at 843-821-0937.
There are several payment options available on all new units, including 12 months at 0%, when paid in full by the 12th month.