Daniel Island SC HEating and Cooling Request from Retiree

Arctic Air Inc. was contacted by a retired schoolteacher in Daniel Island. The former schoolteacher had found herself getting a bit chilly in the cooler months, so she called her favorite HVAC company about the best services for heating and cooling Daniel Island SC had to offer. The friendly staff at Arctic Air Inc. set up an appointment for that same day, because the lady seemed very concerned and worried about her heating and cooling unit.

The technician arrived promptly as scheduled and looked over the unit. We were able to install some simple equipment that would allow her to stay warm in these cooler months and stay cool in the summer months with the simple operation of her thermostat. The retired schoolteacher was pleased that the problem wasn’t expensive, because now that she is retired she really has to watch her finances and she knew that if something was wrong with her unit it would only cost her more money for energy costs. The technician showed her how to use her new thermostat and she said it was easy to learn. She said she is grateful for Arctic Air Inc. for providing her with professional heating and cooling technicians in Daniel Island SC. She said she can rest assure that her home will be warm this winter and cool when summer arrives, because Arctic Air Inc. is always dependable on keeping her unit running properly and effectively. She can enjoy her retirement in a warm and cool home.