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Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important?

Is the air filter in my ac/heater that important? Of course, you know the answer is YES! That is if you want to keep your ac/heater running at its peak efficiency, and you don’t want to prematurely have to replace your unit.

Sometimes people need more information about “why” the air filter is important. I didn’t realize how important the air filter is until I started working for Arctic Air. I mean, yeah, I knew that it was there for a reason.  But, do I really have to replace it every month? And, truthfully, you don’t need to replace your filter every month.  That is correct, however you do need to check it every month.

filtercomparisonWhen you check your air filter, if it only has a little bit of dust or dirt trapped in it, you don’t need to change it.  But, if it is dirty then you do. Especially if it looks like the ac/heater was trying to suck it through the duct work! If the latter is the case, you are causing your ac/heater to work harder, use more electricity, and you are potentially going to trap dirty and grime in the evaporator coil (this is an expensive repair).

So how does that ac/heater filter get so dang dirty? Your home, like mine, contains lots of contaminants. Dust, VOCs, pollen, pet hair and dander, and more are floating in the air. When your air conditioner begins to draw the air into the system, it brings these contaminants with it.

Your ac/heater’s air filter(s) is/are the first line of defense. Filters are used to help stop the contaminants from entering the systems.  What is interesting is, the longer you have your air filter installed, the more dirt and grime it will trap. Once these contaminants start building up, that filter will get clogged.

So what! What will happen if my ac/heater is dirty? 

  1. Dirt builds up! – This, as you can guess, is not a good thing.  When dirt gets past the ac/heater’s filter, it will begin to build up on the systems various components. This filth is not good for any of the components, but it especially effects the evaporator coil. This is the component that removes the heat from the air, therefore, providing cool air for your home. When this coil gets dirty, air cannot pass as easily through it. So you don’t get the cooling effect that you desire.  Now your unit has to run longer and harder to reach the set point on your thermostat. This costs you money!  Don’t overpay the electric company.
  2. Higher electric bills! – A dirty evaporator coil is not the only thing that increases the cost of running your ac/heater.  The air handler will also cause your electric bill to increase, and will cause your efficiency to decrease. When the filter is dirty, your air handler will have to work harder and longer to pull the air through the filter. Once again, increasing energy consumption.  This costs you money! Don’t overpay the electric company.
  3. Dirty air distributed! – YUCK. The air filter is supposed to remove contaminants from the air. Remember, this is the air that we breathe. This could potentially cost you money! How? Healthcare costs and time out of work.

If you have any questions about indoor air quality, please feel free to contact us.  There are many different solutions that are available.




Thank you for the positive feedback!

raisinWe would like to say “Thank You” for all of the positive feedback that we have received recently! is a great way to post positive (and negative) comments for companies that you have dealt (with). This is a FREE place to leave those comments, and it is a great way to check out a company that you are planning to do business.

Here are some of those comments:

  • This has been the most honest company we have dealt with.  Always on time, they go out of the way to help us out.  Very nice dealing with all of them.  Nice and honest a great combination. –Rhonda M., Hanahan SC
  • Our church (which has many HVAC needs) has used Arctic Air for several years.Compared to other companies we have used in the past this company has given us above average customer service without fail and their prices are very competitive. We’re keeping them! –Frank C., Charleston SC
  • Always courteous, always follows through when they’re supposed to be there. Very quick to respond when there’s an emergency. Stacy is awesome at keeping everybody on track, including myself in getting my routine AC checks scheduled. I highly recommend them! Carolyn B., Charleston SC
  • I noticed that Arctic Air receives all 5 stars in it’s ratings here.  There’s a reason for that…..they do an excellent job and they actually CARE about the people they help.  In today’s society you can’t pay someone enough money to truly care about customers.  Their professionalism and integrity make Arctic Air the only HVAC company I ever use or recommend and one of THE BEST companies in the tri-county area.  Family owned business for 20 years!  Thank you for always taking care of me and my real estate clients!! Dianne R., Summerville SC
  • **** see more on the website!****

We know that “Word of Mouth” advertising is extremely important to the success of any business.  We work hard everyday to treat everyone fairly and with respect. In addition, we understand that social media (ie, Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Insta-gram, etc) is today’s “Word of Mouth”.

If you have had a great experience with Arctic Air, please share that experience on one of those platforms.  If you have had a “not so great experience”, share that with us.  Call us at 843-821-0937. We need to know where we have failed, so that we can become better!

Please note: it is easy to get upset with a company and in the heat of the moment leave very negative feedback.  Try to give yourself time to cool down. Secondly, I would recommend that you call the company and let them know what is going on.  There are a lot of times when problems can be resolved with a quick call.  Sometimes, the owner, manager or even, the employee does not know that there is a problem. Give the company a chance to make it right.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to become better at what we do.  This includes our work, our personal lives, and our dealings with our customers.

We appreciate you! Thank you for your support! Thank you for your positive feedback! Thank you for your business!

Check out to add your positive feedback, or to check out companies in the local area.



Energy Savings Tips!

Here are a couple of energy savings tips to help you save money on your electric bill.

money1. When it is cool in the evening, turn off your air conditioner and open your windows while sleeping. When you get up in the morning, close the windows and blinds.  This will help trap the cool air inside your home.

2. Install window treatments that will help prevent the transfer of heat.  With the hot sun beating down on your windows, the heat is magnified.  These blinds and curtains will help keep some of that heat out of your home.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet.  I will add some more tips in the next couple of days.

I hope everyone has a great week!