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Commercial AC Replacement for Summerville, SC Gym

Arctic Air Inc. has proudly served the greater Charleston area, including Summerville, South Carolina, since 1993. As a family-owned and locally operated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor, we offer top-notch services such as Heating and Cooling, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Installation (HVACR).

Our commitment to quality work, competitive pricing, and labor warranties on our services make us a trusted choice for all your commercial HVACR needs. A Summerville gym discovered this when we performed a commercial AC replacement for them!

commercial AC replacement

Commercial AC Replacement for a Gym in Summerville, SC Saves Young Athletes from Overheating

The gym owner in Summerville, SC, recently contacted us because its air conditioning system is facing a significant issue. The client noticed a big rusted hole in the drain pan of their commercial AC unit, a problem that can lead to severe water damage and system inefficiency if not addressed promptly. Understanding the situation’s urgency, our team quickly scheduled an inspection to assess the damage and provide a solution.

Upon arriving at the site, our experienced technicians confirmed the presence of the rusted hole, which was causing water leakage and posing a risk to the overall functionality of the AC unit. We explained to the client why neglecting such issues could lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Working closely with the client, we determined that a commercial AC replacement was the best course of action to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Our team guided the gym owner through selecting a new commercial AC unit tailored to their specific needs. We then proceeded with the installation, which involved removing the old condenser and unit and installing the new, energy-efficient system. Throughout the installation, we communicated clearly with the client, ensuring they were informed and satisfied with each step.

Upgrade Your Commercial AC with Arctic Air in Summerville, SC for Optimal Efficiency and Comfort

Commercial property managers and owners should not overlook regular AC maintenance, as it can catch problems like rusted drain pans before they escalate. Investing in commercial AC replacement can be cost-effective in the long run, providing improved efficiency, reduced energy costs, and enhanced comfort for occupants.

If you own a commercial property in Summerville, South Carolina, or the greater Charleston area, consider upgrading your air conditioning system. Our team can help you choose the best system for your needs!

Contact Arctic Air Inc. today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain a comfortable and efficient environment in your commercial property.

Call us now to schedule your consultation and ensure your commercial HVAC system is in top condition!

Get Ready for Summer! Air Conditioning Maintenance in Summerville SC

Arctic Air Inc., the premier heating, ventilation, and air conditioning provider in Summerville, SC, cares about homeowners in Summerville because we live in the same communities we’ve been serving since 1993. A homeowner seeking air conditioning maintenance recently approached us. The property had an AC system that urgently needed attention. It wasn’t working well because it was so dirty, and they needed their AC to work efficiently with the weather warming up. We were happy to help!

Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance in Summerville, SC

Our experienced representative promptly arrived at the job site to assess the situation. The homeowner’s AC unit was in dire need of maintenance; it was clogged with dirt and debris, hindering its airflow and efficiency. We provided a detailed quote for the maintenance project, tailored to address the specific issues the homeowner was facing. They were pleased with the affordability and efficiency of our services.

AC MaintenanceOur technician performed a thorough air conditioning maintenance service, including removing the outer shell, replacing filters, and meticulously cleaning the condenser evaporator drain, condenser coils, fan blades, and fins. Our licensed technician also checked all refrigerant lines and connections, ensuring optimal performance. Finally, they rebuilt the outside of the unit and ran it for a few minutes to ensure it worked correctly. The homeowner felt cool inside the home and was relieved they didn’t need a whole new unit!

Regular maintenance is crucial for an efficient cooling system and a comfortable home, as a dirty condenser unit can lead to various problems. Our technicians follow best practices on every AC maintenance project, including blowing out the coils, using non-acid coil cleaners, removing bacteria and mildew, and leveling the unit. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service that extends the lifespan of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and improves indoor air quality.

Don’t suffer in the summer heat! Call Arctic Air for professional AC maintenance on your residential or commercial unit!

We’re committed to providing top-notch air conditioning maintenance services to commercial residential homeowners in Summerville, SC, and surrounding areas. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your AC system operates efficiently, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Contact us today to schedule your AC maintenance service and experience the Arctic Air difference!

Surviving the Summer Heat: How an AC Replacement Rescued a Summerville Home

Arctic Air Inc., a trusted heating, ventilation, and air conditioning provider, recently completed a residential AC system replacement for a homeowner in Summerville, SC. The homeowner was experiencing issues with their old AC unit, including high humidity, that made things sticky and uncomfortable! They discovered us after talking to a neighbor about who they trusted for heating and cooling repair. After a quick service call, we seamlessly replaced their AC system with a new, efficient one, leaving the homeowners delighted with the professionalism and cleanliness of our service technicians.

Experience Affordable Residential AC Solutions in Summerville with Arctic Air!

Summerville homeowners can identify signs of residential AC refrigerant leaks by paying attention to various indicators, including hissing sounds, warm airflow from vents, increased indoor humidity, and higher electric bills. Additionally, frozen evaporator coils and inefficient cooling can signal potential issues. At Arctic Air Inc., we promptly diagnose and resolve heating and cooling problems to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency in your home. If you’re curious whether you should repair or replace your air conditioner, we can help!

During the service call in Summerville, our experienced technician assessed the situation and identified a refrigerant leak in the aging air conditioning unit. Considering the unit’s age and additional underlying problems, we recommended a complete replacement. Collaborating closely with the homeowner, we discussed budget constraints and selected a new cooling system compatible with their existing ductwork. Through careful planning and efficient coordination, we swiftly installed the new unit, promptly restoring comfort to the family.

Arctic Air Inc. offers competitively priced, quality heating and cooling maintenance and repair services backed by labor warranties. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in residential AC repair, installation, and maintenance. Whether residential or commercial, trust us to provide the same level of professional service and expertise.

Contact us today to prevent costly residential AC repairs and ensure lasting comfort in your home!

Commercial AC Repair Saves Summerville, SC Restaurant

In the bustling town of Summerville, SC, Arctic Air Inc., the go-to experts for heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions, recently addressed a pressing issue for a local restaurant. The diners were upset because water was dripping from the ceiling! Luckily, the commercial property owner had a maintenance contract, and one of our technicians was there for a routine condenser coil cleaning!

Commercial AC Repair by Arctic Air Inc. Resolves Water Leakage in Summerville, SC Restaurant

Upon investigation, our experienced AC technician discovered that water was entering the AC unit through the bottom where high/low voltage wiring passed through a removable plate. To resolve the issue, the tech performed a thorough service: “I removed the plate, cleaned the area beneath it, applied silicone sealant under and on the mounting surface, secured the plate, and sealed penetrations where wiring passes through. All panels were then reinstalled and secured.” Our technician exemplified the professionalism and care our company runs on.

This incident goes to show how important regular AC maintenance is to commercial businesses. Not only does the maintenance of your heating and cooling system keep everything working efficiently, but it also allows technicians to uncover potential issues before they escalate. The prompt repair undertaken by Arctic Air Inc. prevented further water damage to the restaurant, highlighting how timely interventions are more cost-effective than replacing the entire unit.

Call Arctic Air Inc. for Timely Commercial AC Repair in Summerville, SC

For property owners in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding area, Arctic Air Inc. stands ready to address your commercial AC repair needs promptly and efficiently. With decades of experience with refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance and repair for South Carolina businesses, we’re the company to call before your heating and cooling unit fails.

Don’t wait until issues escalate – contact us today for expert HVAC solutions and ensure the longevity of your commercial units.
commercial AC repair

James Island Air Conditioner Installation Gives Lasting Comfort

A salesman had recently received his annual bonus and had already planned on using the funds for a top notch James Island SC air conditioner unit for central air. The salesman had wanted central air conditioning at his home for a very long time. He had been using window units for as long as he could remember, and he was tired of his home not not being quite as cool and comfortable as it could be. He called Arctic Air Inc to see about an estimate for central air, and we scheduled a no-obligation visit for Monday morning. Arctic Air Inc gave the man the best estimate possible, and we did a fantastic job with the insulation.

The Arctic Air Inc HVAC specialists arrived at the residence and the homeowner showed us his home. We informed him of the different type of models that we carry and which model of central air conditioning unit might be best for his home. We let the homeowner know that the air conditioning system would come with a full factory warranty, which covers parts, equipment, and labor. The customer selected the model and system that he wanted for his home, then we returned a few days later to install the unit. The customer was thrilled when the unit was installed and was turned on. Instantly the home started to become cool and comfortable. The customer said he loves the idea that each room in his home will be cool, which was something he could never get with a window unit. He told us he would reccomend us to all of his friends and say that Arctic Air Inc is the only company in SC to call for an air conditioner unit.

Fishing Hobbyist Needs Daniel Island AC Repair

An avid fisherman had spent a lot of the summer outdoors and camping with friends, so that by the time that autumn came he didn’t have too much use for his air conditioning. It wasn’t until he tested it out when he had made his home real hot by cooking all day for the holidays that he realized that he needed dependable AC repair in Daniel Island. He called Arctic Air Inc. and we were able to fix his unit quickly and effectively.

The Arctic Air Inc. team arrived at the Daniel Island home and the homeowner showed us his air conditioning system. The homeowner explained that he rarely used his air conditioner, but when he wanted to use it needed it to work. The team looked over the system and it needed to have a leak fixed, because the Freon had leaked out, which is why the air conditioning system didn’t cool off the home. The fan worked great, but with no air being pushed through it would have never cooled off the home. The team made the AC repairs and the outdoor enthusiast was very happy when his house started getting cool within just a few minutes. He thanked the team for coming out so quickly and fixing his air conditioner fast. He said he would always contact Arctic Air Inc., because we provided him with AC repair Daniel Island homeowners would definitely appreciate when it is sweltering outside.

New Homeowners Seek Best Goose Creek SC Air Conditioning Company

A couple of new homeowners that had been renters for years contacted Arctic Air Inc. The couple had never really enjoyed the luxury of central air conditioning, because they always had to use wall units. Just for information they called the best air conditioning company in Goose Creek SC, Arctic Air Inc. They asked us if using wall units or a central air conditioning unit would be more efficient.

The Arctic Air Inc. professionals answered each of the couple’s questions. We let them know that it would be more efficient and more affordable if they went with an air conditioning unit. When they found out that it would probably be cheaper and more efficient to have central air in their modest, but well-designed home, they were thrilled. They asked Arctic Air Inc. to do an install right away. The team arrived at the Goose Creek home and the team went to work installing the new air conditioning unit that the couple had ordered. It took the team nearly the entire day to install the new unit and duct work, but when we were done the couple were anxiously waiting. They were ready to turn on the new air conditioner. We showed them how to work the unit, and let them know if they had any questions or concerned to just call us back. The couple was thrilled that Arctic Air Inc. was the air conditioning company Goose Creek SC homeowners could depend upon.

Goose Creek Heating and Cooling services -Provide Efficient Fixes

A tractor mechanic was trying to install a new thermostat in his furnace. He wanted to make sure that his furnace was ready to turn on when it turned cold. He thought he might have made a mistake with the wiring, because the new thermostat wasn’t working. He didn’t love trying to do work at home for himself that he didn’t fully understand, but he got a recommendation from a friend about a great company that did HVAC and Air Conditioning in Goose Creek, and that company is Arctic Air Inc.

The Arctic Air Inc. heating experts came out to the Goose Creek residence and the homeowner showed him the heating unit. The Arctic Air team took care of the HVAC installation that week. They also changed his furnace filter, which was overdue. Now the reliable tractor mechanic can stay warm in the cooler months thanks to the Arctic Air Inc. team. The tractor mechanic said he will stick to working on tractors and leave the HVAC and Air Conditioning to the professionals at Arctic Air Inc. in Goose Creek, because Arctic Air Inc. knows the ins and outs of all Air Conditioning units. Homeowners in Goose Creek should contact Arctic Air Inc. for all their Air Conditioning needs, because our professionals are licensed HVAC technicians that can install, repair, and maintain any make and model unit. If you want to lower your Air Conditioning costs, then contact Arctic Air Inc.

Air Conditioner Installation Goes Smoothly

We received an urgent call from a librarian in our area. The librarian was very used to indoor weather due to her job. She rarely spent any time outdoors, because her love of reading and, of course, her job kept her indoors. One afternoon when she returned home from work she noticed immediately that her home wasn’t cool at all. She went to the thermostat and lowered the temperature, but within thirty minutes the house was still hot, so when her AC completely broke down she needed to contact the best air conditioner installation Goose Creek SC residents relied on for fast and effective service, which is our company. We assured her that we would be out the following morning, because we understand that everyone needs to have their AC running properly.

The technician arrived the following morning, and looked over her air conditioner unit. Unfortunately, the technician would not be able to repair the unit. The unit was over twenty-five years old, and was beyond repair, but we went over a variety of affordable options for the customer to meet her needs. She selected the system that she wanted, and our professional crew returned to install the system. We were able to have it done for her before she returned home from work. The customer walked in the door, and was giddy, because her home was once cool again. She was impressed with the services provided by Arctic Air Inc.

“Preventive Maintenance” … What’s in it for me? Part 4, the finale!

We are getting to that point in the season where we have to wear a sweater or jacket in the morning, and shorts in the afternoon.  Have you had to turn on your heat yet? We have not, but we have had a few customers that have turned on their heat. Some have already called already about problems with their heat.  This is the perfect time to get your “Preventive Maintenance (aka Tune-up) done on your ac and heating system.  “But, why?”, you may ask.  Well, here are a few reasons to consider doing your winter preventive maintenance now.

Save money with Arctic Air Inc. in Charleston, SCThe first reason is probably one that most of us can relate to … and it is (insert drum roll here)….  SAVINGS! Preventive maintenance pays for itself  by giving you better efficiency, by paying less in utility bills, and you have discounts on parts that are included with our plans. When you combine all of the savings, preventive maintenance is a “no brainer”.  It just makes good financial sense.

Secondly, you will have “Peace of Mind“.  Let’s face it… nothing is worse that having a house full of people and having your ac and heating system go down. When preventive maintenance is done regularly, you will see fewer system failures and you will increase the life expectancy of your ac and heating equipment. In addition, if your system does fail on the weekend, you can call on the weekend without any overtime charges.

The third reason… “Priority Service“. Who doesn’t like being treated a little special. When you sign a preventive maintenance agreement with Arctic Air, you get priority service.  Yes, we will put you ahead of calls that do not have an agreement with us…. and again, no overtime charges.

Finally, you will see “Continuity”. Our technicians become more familiar with your equipment.  This allows them to work on your equipment in a highly efficient manner.  Instead of trying to find where the air handler and condenser units are located, they can immediately go to the equipment and get started on the work.  Let’s be real, time is money. We want to be able to get your equipment running properly, as quickly as possible.

air filter air conditioning heating charleston scNow is definitely the time to get your winter preventive maintenance scheduled. Please feel free to give us a call at 843-821-0937. We are here to serve you.