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The skilled Goose Creek HVAC Contractors at Arctic Air Inc, provide HVAC, Commercial refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services to Goose Creek. We offer residential and commercial services all while providing top quality service. We take great pride in satisfying our customers.  To make this a reality, our Goose Creek heating & cooling company keeps it’s employees trained in all of the latest technology, design, functionality and service options in our industry. We are accredited with the better business bureau,  and are happy to answer any of your questions about heating, cooling or commercial refrigeration.

Our Goose Creek Heating & Cooling Services are:

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Recent Local Projects by Arctic Air Inc.

A family had just moved into their home in Goose Creek, and they realized that their furnace was really old and smelled like gas when they turned it on. They shut it off immediately and called us for our Goose Creek HVAC services. We sent our professional HVAC technician to the home that same day, because we wanted to make sure the family was safe. The technician was greeted by the homeowners and they showed him their furnace.

Goose Creek HVAC specialists arrived quickly.

The technician checked out the old unit and he recommended that they have a new one installed. He was able to ensure that no gas was leaking into the house by manually adjusting the older unit. This wasn’t the news that the couple was hoping for, but they were glad to not be in any immediate danger. We discussed several efficient unit,s and the homeowners were very happy that the furnaces weren’t quite as expensive as they thought they would be. They selected an efficient unit and we were scheduled to return the following morning to install the new unit and finish any additional HVAC work.

New furnace isntallation as part of HVAC contractor work in Goose Creek - Arctic Air IncThe team arrived first thing in the morning and we installed the unit. The team checked it over thoroughly to make sure none of their gas lines were leaking to ensure the family’s safety. The gas lines were safe, so the team turned on the furnace and showed the couple how to program the furnace with an up-to-date thermostat. We explained to the family that this new efficient unit would reduce heating costs for them and would actually end up paying for itself with how much they would save by not using the inefficient older unit. The homeowners were pleased to hear this news.

Our team was happy that the couple had called us out for the HVAC emergency, because it is very important to always call a trained professional when you smell gas from your furnace. Our team takes this very seriously and when this type of call comes in we immediately get to the home. The family can now enjoy their new home that will be kept warm in the winter months by the new furnace that we installed for them. The homeowners thanked our technicians for their time and patience with them. They said that we were indeed the Goose Creek HVAC experts that they would be sure to call if the need should arise again.