James Island Air Conditioner Installation Gives Lasting Comfort

A salesman had recently received his annual bonus and had already planned on using the funds for a top notch James Island SC air conditioner unit for central air. The salesman had wanted central air conditioning at his home for a very long time. He had been using window units for as long as he could remember, and he was tired of his home not not being quite as cool and comfortable as it could be. He called Arctic Air Inc to see about an estimate for central air, and we scheduled a no-obligation visit for Monday morning. Arctic Air Inc gave the man the best estimate possible, and we did a fantastic job with the insulation.

The Arctic Air Inc HVAC specialists arrived at the residence and the homeowner showed us his home. We informed him of the different type of models that we carry and which model of central air conditioning unit might be best for his home. We let the homeowner know that the air conditioning system would come with a full factory warranty, which covers parts, equipment, and labor. The customer selected the model and system that he wanted for his home, then we returned a few days later to install the unit. The customer was thrilled when the unit was installed and was turned on. Instantly the home started to become cool and comfortable. The customer said he loves the idea that each room in his home will be cool, which was something he could never get with a window unit. He told us he would reccomend us to all of his friends and say that Arctic Air Inc is the only company in SC to call for an air conditioner unit.