Fishing Hobbyist Needs Daniel Island AC Repair

An avid fisherman had spent a lot of the summer outdoors and camping with friends, so that by the time that autumn came he didn’t have too much use for his air conditioning. It wasn’t until he tested it out when he had made his home real hot by cooking all day for the holidays that he realized that he needed dependable AC repair in Daniel Island. He called Arctic Air Inc. and we were able to fix his unit quickly and effectively.

The Arctic Air Inc. team arrived at the Daniel Island home and the homeowner showed us his air conditioning system. The homeowner explained that he rarely used his air conditioner, but when he wanted to use it needed it to work. The team looked over the system and it needed to have a leak fixed, because the Freon had leaked out, which is why the air conditioning system didn’t cool off the home. The fan worked great, but with no air being pushed through it would have never cooled off the home. The team made the AC repairs and the outdoor enthusiast was very happy when his house started getting cool within just a few minutes. He thanked the team for coming out so quickly and fixing his air conditioner fast. He said he would always contact Arctic Air Inc., because we provided him with AC repair Daniel Island homeowners would definitely appreciate when it is sweltering outside.