Get Ready for Summer! Air Conditioning Maintenance in Summerville SC

Arctic Air Inc., the premier heating, ventilation, and air conditioning provider in Summerville, SC, cares about homeowners in Summerville because we live in the same communities we’ve been serving since 1993. A homeowner seeking air conditioning maintenance recently approached us. The property had an AC system that urgently needed attention. It wasn’t working well because it was so dirty, and they needed their AC to work efficiently with the weather warming up. We were happy to help!

Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance in Summerville, SC

Our experienced representative promptly arrived at the job site to assess the situation. The homeowner’s AC unit was in dire need of maintenance; it was clogged with dirt and debris, hindering its airflow and efficiency. We provided a detailed quote for the maintenance project, tailored to address the specific issues the homeowner was facing. They were pleased with the affordability and efficiency of our services.

AC MaintenanceOur technician performed a thorough air conditioning maintenance service, including removing the outer shell, replacing filters, and meticulously cleaning the condenser evaporator drain, condenser coils, fan blades, and fins. Our licensed technician also checked all refrigerant lines and connections, ensuring optimal performance. Finally, they rebuilt the outside of the unit and ran it for a few minutes to ensure it worked correctly. The homeowner felt cool inside the home and was relieved they didn’t need a whole new unit!

Regular maintenance is crucial for an efficient cooling system and a comfortable home, as a dirty condenser unit can lead to various problems. Our technicians follow best practices on every AC maintenance project, including blowing out the coils, using non-acid coil cleaners, removing bacteria and mildew, and leveling the unit. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service that extends the lifespan of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and improves indoor air quality.

Don’t suffer in the summer heat! Call Arctic Air for professional AC maintenance on your residential or commercial unit!

We’re committed to providing top-notch air conditioning maintenance services to commercial residential homeowners in Summerville, SC, and surrounding areas. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your AC system operates efficiently, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Contact us today to schedule your AC maintenance service and experience the Arctic Air difference!