Commercial AC Repair Saves Summerville, SC Restaurant

In the bustling town of Summerville, SC, Arctic Air Inc., the go-to experts for heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions, recently addressed a pressing issue for a local restaurant. The diners were upset because water was dripping from the ceiling! Luckily, the commercial property owner had a maintenance contract, and one of our technicians was there for a routine condenser coil cleaning!

Commercial AC Repair by Arctic Air Inc. Resolves Water Leakage in Summerville, SC Restaurant

Upon investigation, our experienced AC technician discovered that water was entering the AC unit through the bottom where high/low voltage wiring passed through a removable plate. To resolve the issue, the tech performed a thorough service: “I removed the plate, cleaned the area beneath it, applied silicone sealant under and on the mounting surface, secured the plate, and sealed penetrations where wiring passes through. All panels were then reinstalled and secured.” Our technician exemplified the professionalism and care our company runs on.

This incident goes to show how important regular AC maintenance is to commercial businesses. Not only does the maintenance of your heating and cooling system keep everything working efficiently, but it also allows technicians to uncover potential issues before they escalate. The prompt repair undertaken by Arctic Air Inc. prevented further water damage to the restaurant, highlighting how timely interventions are more cost-effective than replacing the entire unit.

Call Arctic Air Inc. for Timely Commercial AC Repair in Summerville, SC

For property owners in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding area, Arctic Air Inc. stands ready to address your commercial AC repair needs promptly and efficiently. With decades of experience with refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance and repair for South Carolina businesses, we’re the company to call before your heating and cooling unit fails.

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