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Businesses need their Summerville SC commercial air conditioning to work properly, and that’s a fact. When business owners have a problem with their commercial air conditioning they call Arctic Air Inc. We provide local businesses with prompt, professional commercial air conditioning services. Our technicians are certified and licensed HVAC contractors. We have been the central air conditioning service provider in town for over twenty five years. We understand the importance of having your business cool and comfortable, and we thrive on providing excellence in commercial air conditioning services.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services Offered in South Carolina

Arctic Air Inc. offers complete commercial air conditioning services, which include:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • AC Service
  • HVAC contractor services
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Heating & air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Company

Arctic Air Inc. has been in the commercial air conditioning and HVAC industry for over two decades. We can repair, upgrade, or provide preventative maintenance services for your commercial air conditioning unit. We guarantee all work.

Summerville, South CarolinaSummerville SC is the home of the best Air Conditioning and Refrigeration contractor Arctic Air Inc.

Summerville, South Carolina has a population of 44,719. It is also known as ‘The Flower Town in the Pines’, because of the beautiful pine trees and flowers in this city. The town’s motto is “Sacra Pinus Esto- The Pine is Sacred”. It also has one of the best Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is located behind the Town Hall on Main Street, and is open every Saturday at eight in the morning. This is where you can enjoy delicious homegrown fruits, vegetables, pies, cakes, and crafts.

If you really want to know about our city, then you can go on the The Town Tour. The tour will take you through the town, museum, parks, and then you will have a catered southern lunch. Summerville DREAM is held on Main Street, and is an annual event. The third Thursday of each month, downtown hosts a party. There is live music, food, and vendors. This is a great way to meet the residents of this town.

Main Street is a perfect location to go back in time. Main Street features a variety of shops, galleries, and diners. Visitors will walk on brick roads and sidewalks, and get a glimpse of what southern living really is. We believe our town is a wonderful city that offers plenty of things to see and do. You won’t feel like a tourist when you come here. The residents are friendly and welcoming.

Arctic Air Inc. is the commercial air conditioning expert that local businesses can rely on. We will keep your business cool and comfortable with our commercial air conditioning services. We have been dedicated in providing air conditioning services for locals for over two decades. Our qualified technicians can resolve any central air conditioning problem that your unit may have. Contact Arctic Air Inc. today to schedule a commercial air conditioning tune-up or preventative maintenance, so your commercial central air unit is always functioning properly.

Our Latest Projects in town

Below are descriptions of a few recent jobs we’ve completed in Summerville. We hope you enjoy these!


Commercial AC Replacement for Summerville, SC Gym

Arctic Air Inc. has proudly served the greater Charleston area, including Summerville, South Carolina, since 1993. As a family-owned and locally operated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor, we offer top-notch services such as Heating and Cooling, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Installation (HVACR).

Our commitment to quality work, competitive pricing, and labor warranties on our services make us a trusted choice for all your commercial HVACR needs. A Summerville gym discovered this when we performed a commercial AC replacement for them!

commercial AC replacement

Commercial AC Replacement for a Gym in Summerville, SC Saves Young Athletes from Overheating

The gym owner in Summerville, SC, recently contacted us because its air conditioning system is facing a significant issue. The client noticed a big rusted hole in the drain pan of their commercial AC unit, a problem that can lead to severe water damage and system inefficiency if not addressed promptly. Understanding the situation’s urgency, our team quickly scheduled an inspection to assess the damage and provide a solution.

Upon arriving at the site, our experienced technicians confirmed the presence of the rusted hole, which was causing water leakage and posing a risk to the overall functionality of the AC unit. We explained to the client why neglecting such issues could lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Working closely with the client, we determined that a commercial AC replacement was the best course of action to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Our team guided the gym owner through selecting a new commercial AC unit tailored to their specific needs. We then proceeded with the installation, which involved removing the old condenser and unit and installing the new, energy-efficient system. Throughout the installation, we communicated clearly with the client, ensuring they were informed and satisfied with each step.

Upgrade Your Commercial AC with Arctic Air in Summerville, SC for Optimal Efficiency and Comfort

Commercial property managers and owners should not overlook regular AC maintenance, as it can catch problems like rusted drain pans before they escalate. Investing in commercial AC replacement can be cost-effective in the long run, providing improved efficiency, reduced energy costs, and enhanced comfort for occupants.

If you own a commercial property in Summerville, South Carolina, or the greater Charleston area, consider upgrading your air conditioning system. Our team can help you choose the best system for your needs!

Contact Arctic Air Inc. today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain a comfortable and efficient environment in your commercial property.

Call us now to schedule your consultation and ensure your commercial HVAC system is in top condition!

Commercial AC Repair Saves Summerville, SC Restaurant

In the bustling town of Summerville, SC, Arctic Air Inc., the go-to experts for heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions, recently addressed a pressing issue for a local restaurant. The diners were upset because water was dripping from the ceiling! Luckily, the commercial property owner had a maintenance contract, and one of our technicians was there for a routine condenser coil cleaning!

Commercial AC Repair by Arctic Air Inc. Resolves Water Leakage in Summerville, SC Restaurant

Upon investigation, our experienced AC technician discovered that water was entering the AC unit through the bottom where high/low voltage wiring passed through a removable plate. To resolve the issue, the tech performed a thorough service: “I removed the plate, cleaned the area beneath it, applied silicone sealant under and on the mounting surface, secured the plate, and sealed penetrations where wiring passes through. All panels were then reinstalled and secured.” Our technician exemplified the professionalism and care our company runs on.

This incident goes to show how important regular AC maintenance is to commercial businesses. Not only does the maintenance of your heating and cooling system keep everything working efficiently, but it also allows technicians to uncover potential issues before they escalate. The prompt repair undertaken by Arctic Air Inc. prevented further water damage to the restaurant, highlighting how timely interventions are more cost-effective than replacing the entire unit.

Call Arctic Air Inc. for Timely Commercial AC Repair in Summerville, SC

For property owners in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding area, Arctic Air Inc. stands ready to address your commercial AC repair needs promptly and efficiently. With decades of experience with refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance and repair for South Carolina businesses, we’re the company to call before your heating and cooling unit fails.

Don’t wait until issues escalate – contact us today for expert HVAC solutions and ensure the longevity of your commercial units.
commercial AC repair

Residential Gas HVAC Installation in Summerville, SC

Have you considered upgrading your indoor air quality with residential gas HVAC installation? South Carolina homeowners are in luck because they have an indoor air quality company with decades in the business and experience with all kinds of residential heating and cooling systems–Arctic Air Inc.

At Arctic Air, we’re dedicated to Summerville, SC homeowners, offering top-notch residential HVAC installations at reasonable prices. When a local homeowner needed a new gas package unit installed, they turned to us, recognizing us as trusted AC installation contractors. Our experienced technician promptly visited the property, offering a detailed quote tailored to the client’s needs. The homeowner faced issues with their old all-in-one system malfunctioning, so we suggested a new unit.

Many homeowners don’t even know about this kind of advanced heating and cooling system. This type of HVAC system combines heating and cooling capabilities in a single unit that is powered by natural gas. It typically contains an air conditioner for cooling during warmer months and a furnace for heating during colder seasons. This all-in-one system is usually installed outside of a building and is commonly found in places where you need AC in the summer and heating in the winter. Our skilled team promptly installed the new gas package unit, ensuring seamless performance and enhanced cooling for this local homeowner.

Thinking about a gas package unit? Arctic Air Inc. is the company to call in South Carolina for residential gas HVAC installation!

For quality residential AC installations in Summerville, SC, Arctic Air Inc. stands as the reliable choice. Contact us today to experience superior HVAC solutions for your residential property!

residential gas HVAC installation

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Improves Air in Summerville, SC Restaurant

Have you forgotten HVAC preventative maintenance in your South Carolina business? If you haven’t noticed, your customers have.

At Arctic Air Inc., we’re committed to helping businesses keep their commercial buildings cool and comfortable. That means we take our ongoing maintenance plans seriously and don’t neglect our loyal customers. Forgetting regular AC upkeep can reduce system efficiency, increase energy bills, and cause potential equipment breakdowns. Without AC, everyone from employees to customers will be affected, impacting your bottom line.

Luckily, a business in Summerville, SC, was proactive and contracted with us to keep the AC running in their busy restaurant. A cool indoor environment is crucial, with hot kitchens and staff constantly moving. Our skilled, licensed technician went to the site on time. After identifying what needed to be done, our team swiftly executed comprehensive HVAC preventative maintenance. This included meticulous cleaning of filters and condenser coils, vital for optimal unit performance.

These proactive services resolve potential issues and keep the system running smoothly, so there’s no need for upset customers and an emergency HVAC repair call. Our commitment to punctuality ensured the business wasn’t disrupted, and the commercial property owner appreciated our professionalism.

Worried about your commercial unit? Contact us for HVAC preventative maintenance today! We’ll get your customers breathing clean again!

Arctic Air Inc., a family-owned HVAC contractor serving Summerville since 1993, prioritizes customer satisfaction on every job we do, but especially on our commercial air conditioning units because we understand that a failure in a commercial unit impacts many people. Our extensive services cover heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration maintenance, installation, and repairs.

Trust us for unparalleled HVAC care. Before your business loses air quality, contact Arctic Air Inc. today!

Heating and Cooling Company Fixes Thermostat

A homeowner in contacted us because their cleaning company noticed that the schedule of the thermostat wasn’t functioning properly. The cleaning company mentioned it to the owner of the house, and the homeowner was shocked. When they thought about it they were not surprised. The home was rarely the right temperature when the homeowner arrived back home after work, and they were alarmed to know that their cleaners had been roasting all summer in an improperly cooled house (and now getting chilly!). The homeowner called the company offering the best heating and cooling in Summerville SC. The highly skilled team sent by us was able to come out the same day and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our technician arrived at the residence, and noticed that the unit had a dirty filter, and hadn’t had a proper tune-up in quite some time. The technician immediately cleaned the unit, replaced the filter, and gave the unit the tune-up that it desperately needed. Then the thermostat was checked and some minor adjustments were made to the programs to make sure the schedule ran as planned. The technician turned the unit on, and within minutes the unit was working properly. The homeowner was overjoyed on how cool the home was getting. He said he is happy that when his cleaning company arrives next week to clean his home that they won’t have to clean it drenching in sweat, but now can do it comfortably, thanks to the professional heating company that homeowners can call for outstanding services.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Helps Out Flower Shop out of a Bind

A floral shop downtown had been doing great business lately. When we were all done they were so glad we had provided great services for commercial refrigeration Summerville businesses could like hers could depend on. Floral arrangements were being ordered for all type of events, and the owner decided that she should expand their display cases so they could show customers the variety of floral arrangements that they had to offer. The owner purchased an assortment of display cases that would allow them to show off all the beautiful specimens that they had to offer. A turn of bad luck occurred after they had purchased used cases when a couple of the refrigeration cases went out. This worried the owner because they were different makes and models, which she thought may not be fixable at worst or expensive to repair at best. She contacted us and we let the nice store owner know that we could repair the cases without much problem once we could get out and take a look at them.

Our team was able to repair the display cases for the floral shop owner, even though they were different models. Within just a few hours the team had the display cases cooling properly. The customer was thrilled that the contacted us after the work was completed to tell us that we had provided the best services for commercial refrigeration. The customer is proudly displaying her floral arrangements, and her business is thriving. She is able to provide a huge variety of floral arrangements now because her cases are running properly. It has been very satisfying to  be able to contribute to their success, and a day of smelling beautiful flowers doesn’t make for a bad day at work, either!

Commercial Services Needed for New Restaurant

We recently got a call from a customer in our town. The customer needed us to come to their location to set up hood ventilation and install an air conditioner at the location that was soon to be a new restaurant opening soon. The customer needed immediate commercial HVAC in Summerville as soon as possible.

We scheduled the customer’s commercial HVAC services for the following morning because we understand the urgency of having his hood ventilation and air conditioner services installed so he could pass his last inspection and open his restaurant. The commercial HVAC technicians arrived at the restaurant as scheduled by the customer. The technicians immediately started working on the hood ventilation. We provided commercial HVAC specialists that are qualified and trained in the commercial services that businesses need, and our work can successfully pass all inspections with flying colors for commercial clients. The technicians had the hood ventilation set up and operating, then started installing the air conditioning unit. It took several hours, but the technicians were able to get the air conditioning unit installed and working properly.

The customer gave us a call two days later to let us know that his restaurant was approved and passed their final inspection thanks to our commercial HVAC technicians. He is now ready to open his business. The restaurant owner said he was very worried about the final inspection, but thanks to us he can now look forward to getting his business up and running. Our company is the commercial HVAC expert that businesses can depend on.

Serving New Gym Effective Heating and Cooling in Summerville SC

A yoga studio contacted Arctic Air a few weeks ago to see about having heating and cooling work done at their studio. The yoga studio owner wanted to have full access over their thermostat, so their teachers could lead hot yoga sessions, and be cool at the same time. Arctic Air let the yoga studio owner know that we are the heating and cooling Summerville SC experts in the area. We set up an appointment with the studio owner, and the Arctic Air professional and trained HVAC technicians arrived on time.

The yoga studio owner showed the technicians the current thermostat control for the heating and cooling. The technician noticed that the current thermostat was out dated. It would not provide full access over the thermostat, and the current thermostat was not energy efficient. The technician went over a few options of thermostats with the yoga studio owner, and the yoga studio owner selected the thermostat that would provide total access, and energy efficiency. The technician went to work on removing the old thermostat, then installing the new one. Within just a couple of hours the work was completed, and the technician showed the yoga studio owner how to operate the new thermostat. The technician let the yoga studio owner know if she had any questions or problems to just call the Arctic Air office, and a technician would be out immediately.

The yoga studio owner contacted Arctic Air yesterday and said, “The technician that came to the studio was highly knowledgeable and skillful. He went out of his way to help me”. With the heating and cooling thermostat I can now offer more yoga classes in a controlled air environment.

Air Conditioning Units for Beleaguered Workers

We recently received a service call from a small real estate firm in South Carolina. The small rental company owner was having air conditioning issues in a few suites at their corporate center’s offices. The offices were hot, sticky, and the office workers were complaining about the conditions of the office, so the small rental company owner wanted us to install some Summerville SC air conditioning units in their offices.

The crew arrived at the corporate central office location, and the offices were hot and unbearable. The crew went to work quickly, so they could get the new air conditioning units installed, and the office workers would be able to work in comfort. As the crew would get one office air conditioning unit installed they would quickly start on the next office air conditioning unit. We understand that it can be miserable, and nobody wants to work in a hot, stuffy office, and this is why they were working as quickly and effectively as they could for the office members. At the end of the day the crew had all the office units exchanged with brand new air conditioning units. The office members were so happy with the timely work that our crew had provided, but the bosses was more thrilled, because now the office workers could be more productive in a cool, comfortable office.

Arctic Air is the air conditioning unit specialist that all corporate offices can call when they need new air conditioning units. Call us today for more info!