Heating and Cooling Company Fixes Thermostat

A homeowner in contacted us because their cleaning company noticed that the schedule of the thermostat wasn’t functioning properly. The cleaning company mentioned it to the owner of the house, and the homeowner was shocked. When they thought about it they were not surprised. The home was rarely the right temperature when the homeowner arrived back home after work, and they were alarmed to know that their cleaners had been roasting all summer in an improperly cooled house (and now getting chilly!). The homeowner called the company offering the best heating and cooling in Summerville SC. The highly skilled team sent by us was able to come out the same day and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our technician arrived at the residence, and noticed that the unit had a dirty filter, and hadn’t had a proper tune-up in quite some time. The technician immediately cleaned the unit, replaced the filter, and gave the unit the tune-up that it desperately needed. Then the thermostat was checked and some minor adjustments were made to the programs to make sure the schedule ran as planned. The technician turned the unit on, and within minutes the unit was working properly. The homeowner was overjoyed on how cool the home was getting. He said he is happy that when his cleaning company arrives next week to clean his home that they won’t have to clean it drenching in sweat, but now can do it comfortably, thanks to the professional heating company that homeowners can call for outstanding services.