Our Commercial Refrigeration Helps Out Flower Shop out of a Bind

A floral shop downtown had been doing great business lately. When we were all done they were so glad we had provided great services for commercial refrigeration Summerville businesses could like hers could depend on. Floral arrangements were being ordered for all type of events, and the owner decided that she should expand their display cases so they could show customers the variety of floral arrangements that they had to offer. The owner purchased an assortment of display cases that would allow them to show off all the beautiful specimens that they had to offer. A turn of bad luck occurred after they had purchased used cases when a couple of the refrigeration cases went out. This worried the owner because they were different makes and models, which she thought may not be fixable at worst or expensive to repair at best. She contacted us and we let the nice store owner know that we could repair the cases without much problem once we could get out and take a look at them.

Our team was able to repair the display cases for the floral shop owner, even though they were different models. Within just a few hours the team had the display cases cooling properly. The customer was thrilled that the contacted us after the work was completed to tell us that we had provided the best services for commercial refrigeration. The customer is proudly displaying her floral arrangements, and her business is thriving. She is able to provide a huge variety of floral arrangements now because her cases are running properly. It has been very satisfying to  be able to contribute to their success, and a day of smelling beautiful flowers doesn’t make for a bad day at work, either!