Commercial AC Replacement for Summerville, SC Gym

Arctic Air Inc. has proudly served the greater Charleston area, including Summerville, South Carolina, since 1993. As a family-owned and locally operated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor, we offer top-notch services such as Heating and Cooling, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration Installation (HVACR).

Our commitment to quality work, competitive pricing, and labor warranties on our services make us a trusted choice for all your commercial HVACR needs. A Summerville gym discovered this when we performed a commercial AC replacement for them!

commercial AC replacement

Commercial AC Replacement for a Gym in Summerville, SC Saves Young Athletes from Overheating

The gym owner in Summerville, SC, recently contacted us because its air conditioning system is facing a significant issue. The client noticed a big rusted hole in the drain pan of their commercial AC unit, a problem that can lead to severe water damage and system inefficiency if not addressed promptly. Understanding the situation’s urgency, our team quickly scheduled an inspection to assess the damage and provide a solution.

Upon arriving at the site, our experienced technicians confirmed the presence of the rusted hole, which was causing water leakage and posing a risk to the overall functionality of the AC unit. We explained to the client why neglecting such issues could lead to more extensive and costly repairs in the future. Working closely with the client, we determined that a commercial AC replacement was the best course of action to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

Our team guided the gym owner through selecting a new commercial AC unit tailored to their specific needs. We then proceeded with the installation, which involved removing the old condenser and unit and installing the new, energy-efficient system. Throughout the installation, we communicated clearly with the client, ensuring they were informed and satisfied with each step.

Upgrade Your Commercial AC with Arctic Air in Summerville, SC for Optimal Efficiency and Comfort

Commercial property managers and owners should not overlook regular AC maintenance, as it can catch problems like rusted drain pans before they escalate. Investing in commercial AC replacement can be cost-effective in the long run, providing improved efficiency, reduced energy costs, and enhanced comfort for occupants.

If you own a commercial property in Summerville, South Carolina, or the greater Charleston area, consider upgrading your air conditioning system. Our team can help you choose the best system for your needs!

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