New Homeowners Seek Best Goose Creek SC Air Conditioning Company

A couple of new homeowners that had been renters for years contacted Arctic Air Inc. The couple had never really enjoyed the luxury of central air conditioning, because they always had to use wall units. Just for information they called the best air conditioning company in Goose Creek SC, Arctic Air Inc. They asked us if using wall units or a central air conditioning unit would be more efficient.

The Arctic Air Inc. professionals answered each of the couple’s questions. We let them know that it would be more efficient and more affordable if they went with an air conditioning unit. When they found out that it would probably be cheaper and more efficient to have central air in their modest, but well-designed home, they were thrilled. They asked Arctic Air Inc. to do an install right away. The team arrived at the Goose Creek home and the team went to work installing the new air conditioning unit that the couple had ordered. It took the team nearly the entire day to install the new unit and duct work, but when we were done the couple were anxiously waiting. They were ready to turn on the new air conditioner. We showed them how to work the unit, and let them know if they had any questions or concerned to just call us back. The couple was thrilled that Arctic Air Inc. was the air conditioning company Goose Creek SC homeowners could depend upon.