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To stay cool in the hot, humid summers residents need their central air conditioner to work properly. People can keep their central air conditioner running properly when they contact leading HVAC contractor in Charleston Arctic Air Inc. We provide professional Central Air Charleston, South Carolina residents need and use daily. Arctic Air Inc. has been the central air conditioner specialists for Charleston for over twenty years. Our HVAC technicians are licensed, qualified, and trained. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and take pride in providing affordable central air conditioner services.

Heating and Cooling Services Offered Locally:

Arctic Air Inc. offers a wide variety of heating and cooling services.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Service
  • AC Service
  • Emergency Air Conditioning Services

Arctic Air Inc. can service many central air conditioner makes and models. All work that we provide is guaranteed. Our licensed HVAC technicians can repair, replace, and provide preventative maintenance to your central air conditioner unit. We also offer 24 hour emergency air conditioning services, because we understand that you want your home cool and comfortable.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the second largest city in South Carolina, and is also the oldest city. It was founded in 1670, and has a population of 697,439. This makes it the 78th largest city in the United States. Charleston has a rich history. In 1861, the beginning of the Civil War began. Confederate soldiers fired on Fort Sumter, which was located in the Charleston Harbor. The Old Slave Mart Museum is an excellent place to learn about the history of the city. The Old Exchange Building is one of the most historic buildings in town. Visitors can see artifacts and history at the Old Exchange Building.

The historic Dock Street Theatre is a great place to enjoy performing arts. The Dock Street Theatre was built in 1735, and has been renovated since. A variety of live performances can be enjoyed at the theatre. Additionally the city offers acres of parks for outdoor enthusiasts. Downtown Charleston is perfect for taking a walk back in time. Visitors can enjoy unique shopping, galleries, and the best southern cuisine that Charleston has tCharleston Commercial Refrigeration installed by Arctic Air Inc.o offer. It is one of the most visited cities in the United States. You will feel welcomed by the locals and neighbors, and enjoy the places you go.

When you visit you will want to take advantage of doing some shopping as Charleston was named as having one of the nation’s top ten shopping streets. King Street is the location to start shopping. There you will find all types of merchants and boutiques along with amazing antique shops. Downtown is known for its historic buildings and homes, so this is a beautiful area to take in. If you want beautiful scenery, then you should head over to Waterfront Park where you can see The Ravenel Bridge, Fort Sumter, and feel the soft breeze from Charleston Harbor. Waterfront Park is one of the most visited parks in town. One thing that visitors must do when visiting the city is taste Lowcountry cuisine. It has some of the best restaurants in the state where you can taste southern foods at its finest. We believe it is a fabulous city to vacation, visit, and live.

Arctic Air Inc. is the central air conditioner specialists that homeowners and businesses can rely on. Arctic Air Inc. has over twenty five years of experience and dedication to Charleston, South Carolina. Our goal is to keep our customers cool, comfortable, and provide air conditioning services that is affordable. We can provide preventative maintenance, so you won’t experience an unexpected air conditioning issue. Arctic Air Inc. also provides emergency air conditioning services too. If you would like to have your central air conditioner repaired, replaced or maintained, then call us today. We are the HVAC specialists that you can rely on.

Home Builder’s Goal Achieved Thanks to our Air Conditioning Repair Services

A carpenter had set a New Year’s resolution, which was to get his house completely up to snuff before the summer came so that he could relax when he wasn’t busy working. He noticed some strange sounds coming from his AC unit one afternoon, and called Arctic Air Inc out to do a Charleston air conditioning repair.

The techs with Arctic Air Inc arrived at the home early the following morning after the customer called us. He showed us his air conditioning unit and we could hear the strange sounds that it was making. Our techs shut off the unit, then started cleaning the unit and giving it a thorough tune-up. The techs changed the filter on the unit because it was full of dust, debris, and dirt, then we turned the air conditioning unit back on and it was quiet and running properly. We let the homeowner know that his system was fine now and it just needed a tune-up and a thorough cleaning. The homeowner thanked us for responding so quickly. He said he always can trust Arctic Air Inc to provide the best air conditioning repair Charleston homeowners can depend on. He also said one thing he doesn’t like to mess with is his air conditioner. The homeowner said he is pretty handy around the house until it comes to that, so he was glad that Arctic Air Inc came out so quickly.

Arctic Air Does Residential Air Conditioning Project

Two weeks ago, Arctic Air Inc was contacted by a retired Air Force veteran. This veteran had moved into a new house that had a bunch of old window units. He used the window units for about a month until he received his electric bill and knew immediately that this was costing him a fortune to run this type of air conditioning. He called us for our excellent Charleston SC residential air conditioning services, and we were able to set him up with a great unit and thermostat controls to keep his house comfortable and yet affordable.

Our crew arrived at the home and started the central air conditioning system installation. The crew installed all of the duct work, the unit itself, and the thermostat. We showed the customer how to use the thermostat. We asked the customer if he would like us to remove the window units for him, which he did. Our crew removed the old air conditioning units for the customer and put them in his garage. We turned on the new AC unit and by the time we left the house was already cooler. The customer thanked the crew for doing a quick installation. He said he was so happy that he called us for the best residential air conditioning that SC homeowners all truly appreciate on those hot and humid summer days.

Arctic Air Performs another AC Repair

Recently, Arctic Air Inc. was contacted by a man in our area. The handyman had finally squared away time to do some much needed repairs around his house that he had been putting off for quite some time. He thought that if he cleaned out his ducts that would make his air conditioner more efficient, but it was still wasn’t quite functioning up to snuff, so he called us to perform air conditioning repair Charleston residents like him could count on.

Our technician arrived at the residence and the handyman showed him thce air conditioning unit. The technician looked over the unit thoroughly and noticed that the unit had not been cleaned out for some time, so he cleaned it, and then he put in a new filter. He let the customer know that just doing this every year before he is about to use the unit will keep the unit performing properly. The customer contacted us a few days later just to let us know that the air conditioner is working great. He said his home hadn’t been this cool in years. He said that he is so thankful he called the expert air conditioning repair service, because the technician was very knowledgable, professional, and got his air conditioner back in excellent working condition within just a couple of hours. Arctic Air Inc. thrives on helping customers even when the air conditioning repair is a minor repair.

Charleston HVAC for Custom Home Setup

Our company was contacted recently by an actor in our area. The theatre actor really needed a tranquil space to be able to rehearse and practice his lines. He had to have complete quietness, so he could get his lines down exactly. One day while he was practicing his air conditioning stopped working, so he called the best HVAC in Charleston that he knew of, Arctic Air, Inc.

The technician arrived that same afternoon that the customer had called us. We generally can come out the same day that we are called, because we realize that heat around here can be terrible without air conditioning. The technician looked over the unit, and noticed that the unit needed an overall tune-up. This is why the system was operating loudly, and not cooling the home off properly. Within just a couple of hours the air conditioning unit was fixed. We were able to help the actor out. Now, he is able to practice and his air conditioner is operating more quietly, which makes for an even more focused environment. The customer was ecstatic that our technician came out quickly, but was able to get the system fixed fast. He is now able to practice his method in a cool, comfortable space that is completely quiet. He didn’t realize that the air conditioning was so loud until we repaired it for him. The actor said he was glad that he called our professional company because we are simply the best HVAC company around.