Arctic Air Performs another AC Repair

Recently, Arctic Air Inc. was contacted by a man in our area. The handyman had finally squared away time to do some much needed repairs around his house that he had been putting off for quite some time. He thought that if he cleaned out his ducts that would make his air conditioner more efficient, but it was still wasn’t quite functioning up to snuff, so he called us to perform air conditioning repair Charleston residents like him could count on.

Our technician arrived at the residence and the handyman showed him thce air conditioning unit. The technician looked over the unit thoroughly and noticed that the unit had not been cleaned out for some time, so he cleaned it, and then he put in a new filter. He let the customer know that just doing this every year before he is about to use the unit will keep the unit performing properly. The customer contacted us a few days later just to let us know that the air conditioner is working great. He said his home hadn’t been this cool in years. He said that he is so thankful he called the expert air conditioning repair service, because the technician was very knowledgable, professional, and got his air conditioner back in excellent working condition within just a couple of hours. Arctic Air Inc. thrives on helping customers even when the air conditioning repair is a minor repair.