Charleston HVAC for Custom Home Setup

Our company was contacted recently by an actor in our area. The theatre actor really needed a tranquil space to be able to rehearse and practice his lines. He had to have complete quietness, so he could get his lines down exactly. One day while he was practicing his air conditioning stopped working, so he called the best HVAC in Charleston that he knew of, Arctic Air, Inc.

The technician arrived that same afternoon that the customer had called us. We generally can come out the same day that we are called, because we realize that heat around here can be terrible without air conditioning. The technician looked over the unit, and noticed that the unit needed an overall tune-up. This is why the system was operating loudly, and not cooling the home off properly. Within just a couple of hours the air conditioning unit was fixed. We were able to help the actor out. Now, he is able to practice and his air conditioner is operating more quietly, which makes for an even more focused environment. The customer was ecstatic that our technician came out quickly, but was able to get the system fixed fast. He is now able to practice his method in a cool, comfortable space that is completely quiet. He didn’t realize that the air conditioning was so loud until we repaired it for him. The actor said he was glad that he called our professional company because we are simply the best HVAC company around.