Reliable AC Leak Repair in North Charleston, SC Saves Local Business

Obviously, AC is important to businesses in South Carolina, but luckily, they’ve got the HVAC experts at Arctic Air Inc. Recently, one of our trusted clients in North Charleston, SC, was getting warmer and warmer. Their air conditioning unit was losing power, and it was starting to affect their day-to-day operations.

Arctic Air Inc., a trusted HVAC contractor in North Charleston, SC, specializes in comprehensive repair services on all kinds of commercial heating and cooling units. We’ve served this community for over two decades with residential and commercial AC leak repairs and installations, so we knew we could help this local business keep its building cool and comfortable.

After a thorough inspection, our heating and cooling technician found a refrigerant leak was the cause of their increasing temperatures. They were quick to fix the leak and refill the refrigerant so that the system could get back to keeping employees and customers comfortable. Now, these South Carolina business owners know to call us to check the coolant levels on their AC unit before their indoor temperature starts climbing! If they had needed to replace the unit, we also have the latest systems suitable for all kinds of businesses. 

How do you avoid commercial AC leak repair? Arctic Air Inc.’s HVAC maintenance services!

This North Charleston, South Carolina business owner learned the hard way that it’s cheaper and more efficient to have regular preventative maintenance than sudden HVAC repairs. Avoid learning this lesson by proactively calling Artic Air Inc., South Carolina’s trusted HVAC contractor, for regular air conditioning and heating maintenance.

Essentially, don’t wait until you need commercial AC leak repair! Contact us today!


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