Home Builder’s Goal Achieved Thanks to our Air Conditioning Repair Services

A carpenter had set a New Year’s resolution, which was to get his house completely up to snuff before the summer came so that he could relax when he wasn’t busy working. He noticed some strange sounds coming from his AC unit one afternoon, and called Arctic Air Inc out to do a Charleston air conditioning repair.

The techs with Arctic Air Inc arrived at the home early the following morning after the customer called us. He showed us his air conditioning unit and we could hear the strange sounds that it was making. Our techs shut off the unit, then started cleaning the unit and giving it a thorough tune-up. The techs changed the filter on the unit because it was full of dust, debris, and dirt, then we turned the air conditioning unit back on and it was quiet and running properly. We let the homeowner know that his system was fine now and it just needed a tune-up and a thorough cleaning. The homeowner thanked us for responding so quickly. He said he always can trust Arctic Air Inc to provide the best air conditioning repair Charleston homeowners can depend on. He also said one thing he doesn’t like to mess with is his air conditioner. The homeowner said he is pretty handy around the house until it comes to that, so he was glad that Arctic Air Inc came out so quickly.