Arctic Air Does Residential Air Conditioning Project

Two weeks ago, Arctic Air Inc was contacted by a retired Air Force veteran. This veteran had moved into a new house that had a bunch of old window units. He used the window units for about a month until he received his electric bill and knew immediately that this was costing him a fortune to run this type of air conditioning. He called us for our excellent Charleston SC residential air conditioning services, and we were able to set him up with a great unit and thermostat controls to keep his house comfortable and yet affordable.

Our crew arrived at the home and started the central air conditioning system installation. The crew installed all of the duct work, the unit itself, and the thermostat. We showed the customer how to use the thermostat. We asked the customer if he would like us to remove the window units for him, which he did. Our crew removed the old air conditioning units for the customer and put them in his garage. We turned on the new AC unit and by the time we left the house was already cooler. The customer thanked the crew for doing a quick installation. He said he was so happy that he called us for the best residential air conditioning that SC homeowners all truly appreciate on those hot and humid summer days.