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The highly trained HVAC contractors at Arctic Air Inc. service any air conditioner Mt. Pleasant SC residents might own. We have been in business for over twenty five years. We take pride in providing licensed, trained, and qualified HVAC technicians that continues their education. Our air conditioner services will keep your home cool, comfortable, and functional.

Air Conditioning Services Offered in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Arctic Air Inc. offers complete air conditioning and heating services for Mount Pleasant, South Carolina residents. Our air conditioning and heating services include:

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Emergency Air Conditioning Services

Arctic Air Inc. can solve any air conditioner problem. We can repair or replace your air conditioner. We offer a variety of air conditioning options. We repair all makes and models, and we back all of our air conditioning services with a warranty and guarantee.

Arctic Air Inc. is proud to provide the refrigeration and air conditioning Mt. Pleasant residents rely on for all their cooling needsMt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has a population of 67,843. Mount Pleasant had its first settlers in 1680. The settlers came from England, and Captain Florentia O’Sullivan was the leader. Visitors can visit some of the most historic places in South Carolina here in Mt Pleasant. The Boone Hall Plantation, Snee Farm Plantation, and the Scanlon Ville Cemetery are great places to learn about Mount Pleasant.

Beach lovers can visit the Folly Beach. Folly Beach is just a walk from downtown, and offers fishing, swimming, and shopping down on the beach boardwalk. If you want to do some shopping, then Mt. Pleasant Towne Centre is the location. Mt. Pleasant Towne Centre was voted ‘Charleston’s Best Shopping Destination’, because there are over sixty five shops along with a sixteen screen move theatre and plenty of restaurants at hand.

Mount Pleasant is also known for its Farmer’s Market. The Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market is located in downtown, and is held each Friday afternoon from 3:30 pm until 7:00pm. This is the perfect location to really get to see Mt. Pleasant at its finest. There are home grown fruits, vegetables, and delicious baked goods. There are also residents selling crafts, art and unique gifts. Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has many things to see and do. It is a community that you will never bore you.

Arctic Air Inc. are the air conditioner specialists that Mt Pleasant, South Carolina residents call when their air conditioner isn’t working properly. The Arctic Air Inc. technicians can solve any air conditioning issue. We have been the air conditioning and heating experts for Mt. Pleasant residents for over two decades. We thrive on providing quality HVAC services that our customers can afford. We also offer preventive air conditioner services, so you will have your air conditioner performing effectively and efficiently. If you are having any air conditioner issues, then contact Arctic Air Inc. today. One of our qualified and licensed technicians will be at your residence the same day!

Read about some recent projects

Expert Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC

Nestled in the charming town of Mount Pleasant, SC, Arctic Air Inc. proudly serves as the premier provider of heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions. Recently, a local restaurant faced a critical issue as their commercial fridge failed to cool properly, jeopardizing the freshness of their perishable inventory and the health of their patrons.

In response to this urgent situation, our skilled technicians swiftly initiated a targeted commercial refrigeration repair. The focus was optimizing the unit’s functionality by installing a new fan shroud. This integral component ensures efficient airflow within the cooler, contributing to an environment conducive to preserving the restaurant’s inventory.

Trust Arctic Air Inc. for Reliable Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC

The key to avoiding such disruptions in your restaurant or business is regular maintenance of commercial fridges, coolers, ice machines, and more. Just as a car requires regular maintenance, your commercial refrigeration equipment deserves the same attention. Routine inspections and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of these systems and prevent the need for costly replacements. With a highly skilled and responsive team, we ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your equipment. Our 24/7 emergency repairs and comprehensive fridge, cooler, air conditioning, and heater maintenance services cater to the needs of South Carolina businesses.

Contact us to design a customized preventative maintenance program and keep your systems running smoothly.

Arctic Air Inc. is ready to provide effective solutions for property owners in Mount Pleasant, SC, grappling with heating and cooling challenges in their businesses, whether the air or the cooler. Ensure the longevity and reliability of your refrigeration units with our expert commercial refrigeration repair services.

Take a proactive step toward preserving your business assets – contact Arctic Air Inc. today for tailored HVAC solutions that prioritize your unique needs.

commercial refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

At Arctic Air, our commitment to Mt. Pleasant goes beyond chilling temperatures in homes and commercial buildings. Our experienced crew works with SC business owners for commercial refrigeration repair,  heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues. When operations were brought to a halt by a bad switch in a restaurant, a local business owner reached out, seeking a swift resolution. Immediate action was crucial.

Rapid response is our forte, and our expert commercial refrigeration repair representative promptly assessed the situation. Arctic Air’s proficiency in air conditioning and heating goes beyond HVAC applications; we’re also experts in keeping commercial fridges and heating elements in top shape. With decades of experience, we efficiently restored their commercial property, ensuring functionality for their system at a budget-friendly rate.

We Keep Local Businesses Running Smoothly With Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our strategic process started with thoroughly examining the Mt Pleasant restaurant, visual and electrical. The malfunctioning power switch was old, but we checked the entire system to keep things running smoothly. With precision, our technician swiftly executed a quick switch replacement, ensuring seamless functionality for the business. After rectifying the Immediate problem, we also performed a commercial refrigeration repair, securing enduring advantages for the property.

This refrigeration repair project’s triumph lay in its punctual completion without inconveniencing customer access to the restaurant. The Mt. Pleasant business owner was thrilled with our exceptional resolution of the power switch issue. Whether it’s a commercial ice machine, cooler, or freezer, we understand that you could lose customers and money if these things don’t work right.

Arctic Air: Your Commercial HVAC Repair Partner

Arctic Air, a stalwart in the industry, boasts a rich history of serving Mt. Pleasant and its surrounding communities. Our services extend round the clock for emergency repairs, complemented by thorough inspections and preventative maintenance. Just as a car benefits from regular maintenance, your commercial refrigeration equipment deserves the same attention. Contact us to tailor a preventative maintenance program ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your systems.

Experience matters, and we bring years of expertise to every service offered. As property owners, consider Arctic Air for unparalleled commercial refrigeration repair,  heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for quality commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration service that stands the test of time.

Air Conditioning Units Prepare Apartment Units for Summer

An owner of a large house that was divided into several units contacted Arctic Air Inc. The owner called us to get an estimate on multiple air conditioning units in Mount Pleasant. We let the owner know that we could come anytime that was convenient for him and his tenants, so he scheduled the day and our HVAC specialists arrived on time. We always do our best to make sure we’re providing the best service to our customers, and many times that means working around their schedule. When you call us, be sure to let us know what kind of timetable you’re working with. We’ll do our utmost to accommodate any specific needs you might have, and the includes making sure we help you, our valued customer, first!

The Arctic Air Inc HVAC specialists arrived at the complex and the owner showed us to the first unit. We measured the space, then recommended the air conditioning unit that would work great in this unit. The specialists moved on to the next unit, and so on until each unit had an estimate for an air conditioning unit and installation. We let the property owner know that we would install new duct work with the installation, and that all air conditioning units are backed with a manufacturer warranty and guarantee. After seeing the price, the property owner was more than happy to go ahead and get the units installed by our team. The team members returned to the large house a week later and started the installation. We were able to get each unit installed and ready to use before the expected time frame. The tenants are all thrilled and the customer is very pleased that we supplied him with the best air conditioning units Mount Pleasant property owners can rely upon.

Air Conditioning Customers are Big Winners!

An older retired couple decided they could finally relax and enjoy some luxury after winning a significant (but not crazy) sum in the lottery. The couple was overjoyed when they found out they had won. They had always had to watch their money. They couldn’t really ever splurge on anything, so when they won the lottery they decided they would splurge on a central air conditioning unit, so they would be comfortable and cool in their home. They contacted us after being recommended by their neighbors as being the central residential air conditioning Mt. Pleasant SC appreciated in the hot summer months.

Our team arrived at the couple’s home and noticed that they were using window units, which was not allowing them comfortable cooling throughout their home. This is also why their cooling costs were so expensive. We showed them different models that would keep their home cool, but also affordable. They agreed, and within just a few days we had their new air conditioning unit installed. The customers did not regret it as they could now keep themselves, friends, and their extended family cool year-round. They loved it! We thrive on providing options and choices with all of our customers. We provide qualified, professional technicians that install the air conditioning units. Not only do we have lots of experience in our industry, but we also really enjoy being able to serve our community by being the honest contractors that are so rare these days. Be sure to call us if you’re looking for a great company to work with.

Avid Enthusiast Gets Great Residential Refrigeration Service

Recently, we were contacted by a chef inquiring around looking for the most affordable and effective restaurant refrigeration Mt. Pleasant SC had to offer. The chef had just recently moved back to South Carolina. He had been studying cooking by top chefs. His goal was to learn everything he could about cooking from the most skilled chefs he could find along with the business side of running a restaurant, which included contractors, restaurant refrigeration, and accounting. The chef informed us that he finally had saved enough money to open his own restaurant in town, and would like us to give him an estimate on what restaurant refrigeration would be for his business.

Our technicians arrived at the location, thoroughly examined the restaurant, and took some information from the chef, so the technicians could offer him the best restaurant refrigeration available. The technicians gave the chef the estimate, and the he told the techs to start immediately as he wanted to open his restaurant within a couple of weeks. We were able to successfully complete our work ahead of schedule. The chef was impressed with the skills that the technicians had applied, and was thrilled by the work that was provided. He let the technicians know that he ended up spending a lot less money than he had expected, which has helped him begin his new venture on a very positive note.

AIr Conditioning in Mount Pleasant for Cat Caretaker

We received a call from a middle aged woman looking for an air conditioning company Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina residents used. She wanted us to come to her home and repair her air conditioning. The woman took care of stray cats and kittens who needed a home until they were adopted. The woman told us that her air conditioner had stopped functioning several days ago, and she was worried about the health of the stray cats and kittens due to the home getting quite warm. The woman also said that the house is starting to smell due to the cat litter, and the cats and kittens are just not comfortable or happy.

Our technicians were dispatched to the home the same afternoon. We understand the importance of having a properly running air conditioning unit in the summer, especially if you are a caregiver of pets. The Arctic Air technicians looked over the air conditioning unit and found that the unit needed to be cleaned, and a new filter added. The technician did a full tune-up on the air conditioning unit, so the woman wouldn’t have this problem again. Once the technician had the work completed he turned on the air conditioner and it immediately started cooling. The woman was overjoyed that the air conditioning unit was able to be repaired so quickly and affordably. Arctic Air is the air conditioning company that homeowners can call any time they have a problem.