Avid Enthusiast Gets Great Residential Refrigeration Service

Recently, we were contacted by a chef inquiring around looking for the most affordable and effective restaurant refrigeration Mt. Pleasant SC had to offer. The chef had just recently moved back to South Carolina. He had been studying cooking by top chefs. His goal was to learn everything he could about cooking from the most skilled chefs he could find along with the business side of running a restaurant, which included contractors, restaurant refrigeration, and accounting. The chef informed us that he finally had saved enough money to open his own restaurant in town, and would like us to give him an estimate on what restaurant refrigeration would be for his business.

Our technicians arrived at the location, thoroughly examined the restaurant, and took some information from the chef, so the technicians could offer him the best restaurant refrigeration available. The technicians gave the chef the estimate, and the he told the techs to start immediately as he wanted to open his restaurant within a couple of weeks. We were able to successfully complete our work ahead of schedule. The chef was impressed with the skills that the technicians had applied, and was thrilled by the work that was provided. He let the technicians know that he ended up spending a lot less money than he had expected, which has helped him begin his new venture on a very positive note.