AIr Conditioning in Mount Pleasant for Cat Caretaker

We received a call from a middle aged woman looking for an air conditioning company Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina residents used. She wanted us to come to her home and repair her air conditioning. The woman took care of stray cats and kittens who needed a home until they were adopted. The woman told us that her air conditioner had stopped functioning several days ago, and she was worried about the health of the stray cats and kittens due to the home getting quite warm. The woman also said that the house is starting to smell due to the cat litter, and the cats and kittens are just not comfortable or happy.

Our technicians were dispatched to the home the same afternoon. We understand the importance of having a properly running air conditioning unit in the summer, especially if you are a caregiver of pets. The Arctic Air technicians looked over the air conditioning unit and found that the unit needed to be cleaned, and a new filter added. The technician did a full tune-up on the air conditioning unit, so the woman wouldn’t have this problem again. Once the technician had the work completed he turned on the air conditioner and it immediately started cooling. The woman was overjoyed that the air conditioning unit was able to be repaired so quickly and affordably. Arctic Air is the air conditioning company that homeowners can call any time they have a problem.