Air Conditioning Units Prepare Apartment Units for Summer

An owner of a large house that was divided into several units contacted Arctic Air Inc. The owner called us to get an estimate on multiple air conditioning units in Mount Pleasant. We let the owner know that we could come anytime that was convenient for him and his tenants, so he scheduled the day and our HVAC specialists arrived on time. We always do our best to make sure we’re providing the best service to our customers, and many times that means working around their schedule. When you call us, be sure to let us know what kind of timetable you’re working with. We’ll do our utmost to accommodate any specific needs you might have, and the includes making sure we help you, our valued customer, first!

The Arctic Air Inc HVAC specialists arrived at the complex and the owner showed us to the first unit. We measured the space, then recommended the air conditioning unit that would work great in this unit. The specialists moved on to the next unit, and so on until each unit had an estimate for an air conditioning unit and installation. We let the property owner know that we would install new duct work with the installation, and that all air conditioning units are backed with a manufacturer warranty and guarantee. After seeing the price, the property owner was more than happy to go ahead and get the units installed by our team. The team members returned to the large house a week later and started the installation. We were able to get each unit installed and ready to use before the expected time frame. The tenants are all thrilled and the customer is very pleased that we supplied him with the best air conditioning units Mount Pleasant property owners can rely upon.