Air Conditioning Customers are Big Winners!

An older retired couple decided they could finally relax and enjoy some luxury after winning a significant (but not crazy) sum in the lottery. The couple was overjoyed when they found out they had won. They had always had to watch their money. They couldn’t really ever splurge on anything, so when they won the lottery they decided they would splurge on a central air conditioning unit, so they would be comfortable and cool in their home. They contacted us after being recommended by their neighbors as being the central residential air conditioning Mt. Pleasant SC appreciated in the hot summer months.

Our team arrived at the couple’s home and noticed that they were using window units, which was not allowing them comfortable cooling throughout their home. This is also why their cooling costs were so expensive. We showed them different models that would keep their home cool, but also affordable. They agreed, and within just a few days we had their new air conditioning unit installed. The customers did not regret it as they could now keep themselves, friends, and their extended family cool year-round. They loved it! We thrive on providing options and choices with all of our customers. We provide qualified, professional technicians that install the air conditioning units. Not only do we have lots of experience in our industry, but we also really enjoy being able to serve our community by being the honest contractors that are so rare these days. Be sure to call us if you’re looking for a great company to work with.