Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

At Arctic Air, our commitment to Mt. Pleasant goes beyond chilling temperatures in homes and commercial buildings. Our experienced crew works with SC business owners for commercial refrigeration repair,  heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues. When operations were brought to a halt by a bad switch in a restaurant, a local business owner reached out, seeking a swift resolution. Immediate action was crucial.

Rapid response is our forte, and our expert commercial refrigeration repair representative promptly assessed the situation. Arctic Air’s proficiency in air conditioning and heating goes beyond HVAC applications; we’re also experts in keeping commercial fridges and heating elements in top shape. With decades of experience, we efficiently restored their commercial property, ensuring functionality for their system at a budget-friendly rate.

We Keep Local Businesses Running Smoothly With Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our strategic process started with thoroughly examining the Mt Pleasant restaurant, visual and electrical. The malfunctioning power switch was old, but we checked the entire system to keep things running smoothly. With precision, our technician swiftly executed a quick switch replacement, ensuring seamless functionality for the business. After rectifying the Immediate problem, we also performed a commercial refrigeration repair, securing enduring advantages for the property.

This refrigeration repair project’s triumph lay in its punctual completion without inconveniencing customer access to the restaurant. The Mt. Pleasant business owner was thrilled with our exceptional resolution of the power switch issue. Whether it’s a commercial ice machine, cooler, or freezer, we understand that you could lose customers and money if these things don’t work right.

Arctic Air: Your Commercial HVAC Repair Partner

Arctic Air, a stalwart in the industry, boasts a rich history of serving Mt. Pleasant and its surrounding communities. Our services extend round the clock for emergency repairs, complemented by thorough inspections and preventative maintenance. Just as a car benefits from regular maintenance, your commercial refrigeration equipment deserves the same attention. Contact us to tailor a preventative maintenance program ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your systems.

Experience matters, and we bring years of expertise to every service offered. As property owners, consider Arctic Air for unparalleled commercial refrigeration repair,  heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for quality commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration service that stands the test of time.