Hanahan HVAC contractor & Commercial Refrigeration service

Homeowners in Hanahan, South Carolina depend on their central air conditioning to work properly. It gets hot and humid in South Carolina, and Arctic Air is proud to provide central air services that residents truly need. Arctic Air Inc. has been the central air conditioning specialist’s provider for over twenty five years. Our HVAC contractors are licensed and certified, so we can offer affordable options. Arctic Air Inc. offers a wide variety of central air conditioning services.

Our Central Air Conditioning Services

Arctic Air Inc. offers a wide range of AC services, these include:

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning Company
  • AC Service
  • And much more…

Arctic Air Inc. can work on any central air conditioning make and model. We provide highly trained HVAC technicians that can solve any central air conditioner problems. We offer central air conditioner emergency service, so our customers will never have to suffer in the hot summer heat.

Hanahan, South Carolina

Hanahan, South Carolina has a population of 17,997. It was incorporated in 1972. borders North Charleston, and is a great city to visit. One annual event that visitors love to attend is the Red, White, and Blue Fall Festival. The Red, White, and Blue Fall Festival is held on November 14th, and is located at the Amphitheater. This year there will be over fifty food vendors, crafts, and merchants. The event also has live music, jumping castles, and lots of fun activities for everyone, all of which is dedicated to honoring the veterans who have served our country proudly.

The Hanahan Amphitheater is a great place to see live entertainment. It is located at the city park, and there is five acres of beauty and relaxation located there. There is plenty of unique shopping to be found throughout the city. Downtown is the perfect location for unique and trendy shopping. Local shops offer a piece of Hanahan for visitors to purchase. You can also go to one of the family owned and operated restaurants downtown where you can enjoy what Southern cooking really is. Bring the family and have a great time in Hanahan, South Carolina.

Arctic Air Inc. has been the central air conditioner specialist that local residents have depended upon. We are a family owned and operated business that has dedicated over two decades of central air conditioner services to Hanahan. Our technicians are licensed and certified in commercial refrigeration. We are the only central air conditioning service provider to call when your central air conditioner is not cooling properly.

Arctic Air Inc. can work on any central air unit. We also offer preventative maintenance and tune-ups, so your central air conditioner is always working properly. If your central air conditioner is not performing properly, then contact Arctic Air Inc. today. One of our qualified technicians can be at your location the same day you call.

Residential Air Conditioning Requested by Busy Mom

Recently we received a call from a mom around our location. The stay at home mom had just sent her youngest child off to start school. Now that her days were a bit more free she decided to start cooking and baking more so that her family would have delicious treats and great home cooked dinners. She noticed that all the extra heat was not being offset by their AC unit, so she called Arctic Air for Hanahan residential air conditioning services.

Our technicians arrived at the stay at home mom’s home, and she was sure glad to see us. She showed us where her air conditioning system was located at and we started looking it over to see why it wasn’t cooling the home properly. The technicians cleaned out the unit, added a new filter, then started the system. The air conditioning system immediately starting cooling off the home. The technician let the homeowner know that her air conditioning was fixed and she would start seeing a big difference in the performance. We let her know that just keeping the unit clean and a new filter added annually is always needed, which was a simple repair. The stay at home mom thanked us for coming out so quickly and fixing her AC. She said that we are the professionals to contact for residential air conditioning.

Our Team of Experts Help Out Couple

A Hanahan couple had just gotten a new air conditioner last summer from us. It was the first central air unit the couple had ever purchased, and they found it to be an amazing difference over the fans and window units they had used in the past. The couple was so thrilled with their new air conditioning unit that they are calling us to have their furnace looked at, because they know that our service provides the best HVAC and air conditioning Hanahan has available.

Our team of experts met with the homeowners at their residence. We already knew the model of the air conditioning unit that they had purchased previously. We went over different models and makes with the couple to determine which heating unit would provide the performance that their home needed. The customers told us the budget that they were working with and asked would we be able to provide them with a quality heating unit on that budget. We let them know that we definitely could. Our team installed the new heating unit and the couple is completely ready for winter to arrive. Their home will be cozy and warm, and their energy costs will be lowered, because we are the air conditioning specialists that homeowners can rely upon. We thrive on providing affordable air conditioning services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We thrive on always being the air conditioning specialists in SC, because of our knowledge and professionalism.

Big Family Needs Quality Residential Air Conditioning

A very large family of fourteen contacted us recently to find out information on good Hanahan SC residential air conditioning services for their home. The family just purchased an older home, but it didn’t have central air. The family’s home has eight bedrooms, and there was no way they could afford to put a window unit in each bedroom and to add one in the family and living room just so the house would be cool. The cost would be too much for the large family to afford, so they contacted us to see what the cost would be to have residential air conditioning units installed.

Our team arrived at the home in South Carolina to look over the space of the home, then go over residential air conditioning costs with the homeowners. The home was large, but we were able to offer the homeowners a couple of brand names of residential air conditioning units that was within their price range. The homeowners were ecstatic, because the cost was more affordable than they had expected, and wanted us to install the unit. We arrived at the home the following Monday, and installed the air conditioning unit.

The homeowners let the crew know that now everyone in the family would stay cool from the heat anywhere in their home. The homeowners said, “The crew’s skills really impressed us, and we were very happy with the work that was provided by your company.” It always makes us happy when customers recognize us as an honest and dependable company that gets the job done right.

Air Conditioning Installation For Winning Welder

We received a call from a man in our area. The man, whose trade was a welder, had won an air conditioning unit in a contest he entered recently. This hardworking welder thought he would be able to install the air conditioning unit himself, but he never had any free time. When he started thinking about it he really had no knowledge of air conditioners, and that is why he called us first. The man said he heard that we are the expert in air conditioning installation Hanahan SC could choose. We scheduled an appointment for the air conditioning installation with the man, and our HVAC technicians arrived promptly on time.

Our technicians looked over the air conditioning unit, then went over the duct work of the home. The technicians removed the current air conditioning unit, then started the installation of the new unit. At the end of the day the technicians had the new unit successfully installed, and the welder was highly impressed. The welder told the technicians that he learned a lot about air conditioners watching them install his unit, and didn’t realize how much was involved in an air conditioning installation. The welder said that our company was a joy to work with, and he now sees why Arctic Air is the air conditioning installation service that residents could depend on, because we are the experts in the HVAC industry. We were happy that we could teach the welder a few tips, and provide outstanding work for him, too.