Residential Air Conditioning Requested by Busy Mom

Recently we received a call from a mom around our location. The stay at home mom had just sent her youngest child off to start school. Now that her days were a bit more free she decided to start cooking and baking more so that her family would have delicious treats and great home cooked dinners. She noticed that all the extra heat was not being offset by their AC unit, so she called Arctic Air for Hanahan residential air conditioning services.

Our technicians arrived at the stay at home mom’s home, and she was sure glad to see us. She showed us where her air conditioning system was located at and we started looking it over to see why it wasn’t cooling the home properly. The technicians cleaned out the unit, added a new filter, then started the system. The air conditioning system immediately starting cooling off the home. The technician let the homeowner know that her air conditioning was fixed and she would start seeing a big difference in the performance. We let her know that just keeping the unit clean and a new filter added annually is always needed, which was a simple repair. The stay at home mom thanked us for coming out so quickly and fixing her AC. She said that we are the professionals to contact for residential air conditioning.