Big Family Needs Quality Residential Air Conditioning

A very large family of fourteen contacted us recently to find out information on good Hanahan SC residential air conditioning services for their home. The family just purchased an older home, but it didn’t have central air. The family’s home has eight bedrooms, and there was no way they could afford to put a window unit in each bedroom and to add one in the family and living room just so the house would be cool. The cost would be too much for the large family to afford, so they contacted us to see what the cost would be to have residential air conditioning units installed.

Our team arrived at the home in South Carolina to look over the space of the home, then go over residential air conditioning costs with the homeowners. The home was large, but we were able to offer the homeowners a couple of brand names of residential air conditioning units that was within their price range. The homeowners were ecstatic, because the cost was more affordable than they had expected, and wanted us to install the unit. We arrived at the home the following Monday, and installed the air conditioning unit.

The homeowners let the crew know that now everyone in the family would stay cool from the heat anywhere in their home. The homeowners said, “The crew’s skills really impressed us, and we were very happy with the work that was provided by your company.” It always makes us happy when customers recognize us as an honest and dependable company that gets the job done right.