Our Team of Experts Help Out Couple

A Hanahan couple had just gotten a new air conditioner last summer from us. It was the first central air unit the couple had ever purchased, and they found it to be an amazing difference over the fans and window units they had used in the past. The couple was so thrilled with their new air conditioning unit that they are calling us to have their furnace looked at, because they know that our service provides the best HVAC and air conditioning Hanahan has available.

Our team of experts met with the homeowners at their residence. We already knew the model of the air conditioning unit that they had purchased previously. We went over different models and makes with the couple to determine which heating unit would provide the performance that their home needed. The customers told us the budget that they were working with and asked would we be able to provide them with a quality heating unit on that budget. We let them know that we definitely could. Our team installed the new heating unit and the couple is completely ready for winter to arrive. Their home will be cozy and warm, and their energy costs will be lowered, because we are the air conditioning specialists that homeowners can rely upon. We thrive on providing affordable air conditioning services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We thrive on always being the air conditioning specialists in SC, because of our knowledge and professionalism.