Air Conditioning Installation For Winning Welder

We received a call from a man in our area. The man, whose trade was a welder, had won an air conditioning unit in a contest he entered recently. This hardworking welder thought he would be able to install the air conditioning unit himself, but he never had any free time. When he started thinking about it he really had no knowledge of air conditioners, and that is why he called us first. The man said he heard that we are the expert in air conditioning installation Hanahan SC could choose. We scheduled an appointment for the air conditioning installation with the man, and our HVAC technicians arrived promptly on time.

Our technicians looked over the air conditioning unit, then went over the duct work of the home. The technicians removed the current air conditioning unit, then started the installation of the new unit. At the end of the day the technicians had the new unit successfully installed, and the welder was highly impressed. The welder told the technicians that he learned a lot about air conditioners watching them install his unit, and didn’t realize how much was involved in an air conditioning installation. The welder said that our company was a joy to work with, and he now sees why Arctic Air is the air conditioning installation service that residents could depend on, because we are the experts in the HVAC industry. We were happy that we could teach the welder a few tips, and provide outstanding work for him, too.