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Arctic Air Inc. provides high quality HVAC services in Ladson SC. Arctic Air Inc. has been providing HVAC contractor services for over twenty five years. Our employees continue their education, so we can provide our customers with the latest designs and service options in the HVAC industry. We provide complete servicing and commercial refrigeration services, too. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

HVAC Services Offered in Ladson, South Carolina

Arctic Air Inc. offers complete HVAC services in Ladson, South Carolina. These services include:

  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning Company
  • AC Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Services

Arctic Air Inc. is the HVAC specialists. We can repair, replace, upgrade, and provide preventative maintenance services. We offer 24 hour emergency HVAC services as well. Arctic Air Inc. can work on any make and model. We service restaurants, offices, industrial plants, and all residential properties and businesses.

Ladson, South Carolina

Ladson, South Carolina has a population of 13,790. It is bordered by Summerville, and juArctic Air is dedicated to providing a quality HVAC Contractor in Ladson SCst a few miles from Charleston, South Carolina. Ladson is a great place to live and visit. There is plenty of things that you can see and do in town. The annual Coastal Carolina Fair is held in October and is located at Exchange Park. This wonderful fair offers carnival rides, live music, activities, and deliciously unique South Carolina food. This annual event is very popular and well-known in Ladson, and thousands of visitors attend it. The Charleston Beach Music & Shag Festival is another annual event. The Music & Shag Festival occurs on October 4th, and features live bands, music, food, and even more dancing. The Charleston Beach Music & Shag Festival is located on the beach, so visitors can enjoy the music along with the beautiful sand and sun.

The Charleston International Antiques Show is an event that antique lovers will want to attend. The event is in downtown Charleston, and some of the items that you can find can date back to the early seventeenth century. If you just want to relax while you are in town, then you can go to one of the many beautiful parks. There are picnic shelters, playgrounds, and plenty of trees for shade. You can also stroll down Main Street and eat a delicious dinner or lunch from one of the local restaurants. No matter what you want to do and see, you can find something great in Ladson, South Carolina.

Arctic Air Inc. is the HVAC specialist provider for residents in Ladson, South Carolina. Arctic Air Inc. provides affordable HVAC options for all customers in Ladson. Our technicians are licensed and certified. If your HVAC unit unexpectedly goes out, then contact Arctic Air Inc. because we offer 24 hour emergency services, so we can get you comfortable in your home or business.

Arctic Air Inc. can work on any make and model of HVAC unit. Contact Arctic Air Inc. today, and let us discuss your HVAC concerns.

Recent Local HVAC Projects

Air Conditioning Company is a Complete Home Solution

A homeowner had recently just bought his house slightly above his budget, and had been suffering without any climate control in the house for months. His wife was complaining all the time about being hot and uncomfortable at home. Thankfully, he got a big raise from working hard at his job, so he decided to call the best air conditioning company in Ladson SC, Arctic Air Inc to install a central AC unit.

Our team went over the different brands and models of central air conditioning units and we recommended the ones that would keep the couple’s home cool and comfortable. The homeowners selected the AC unit that was recommended by us and that would also go along with their budget, which actually allowed for more than they thought it would. Our professional installers returned Monday morning to install the central AC unit, and by late that afternoon the unit was successfully installed. We turned on the unit and within minutes the home was already getting cooler. When the wife came in from work she said it felt wonderful in her home. The couple couldn’t get over how fast and affordable a new central AC unit would be. They both agreed that they called the best air conditioning company Ladson SC homeowners could rely on, which was Arctic Air Inc. Now they have a nice, cool, and comfortable home that they can enjoy in the hot summer months.

Air Conditioning Repair Keeps Kids Cool

We received an emergency service call from concerned parents needing the fastest air conditioning repair Ladson SC had available. The parents called our 24-Hour emergency service hotline because their air conditioner was not putting out cool air and the parents’ young son was coming down with a very high fever. It was the worst time for their central AC to malfunction and they were afraid that he would get worse from the heat. They didn’t want to have to move him, but if the heat persisted they would be forced to take him to urgent care.

We let the parents know that one of our highly trained and licensed HVAC technicians would be out to their home within an hour or so, and he was. The HVAC technician arrived very quickly at the home for the air conditioning repair. The parents showed the technician were the air conditioning unit was located, and explained that the air conditioner was just not putting out cold air. The technician looked over the unit, and immediately found the problem. The technician thoroughly cleaned out the unit and put in a new filter, then turned the air conditioner on, and cool air started to flow immediately.

The parents let the technician know that they saved money by calling the 24-hour emergency service rather than having to take their son to the emergency room. Now, they don’t have costly medical bills to pay, and their home is cool for their son and themselves. The parents called our office to let us know that the timeliness of the work was quite impressive.

Cool Catering Company Seeks Commercial Refrigeration Help

A catering company owned by a mother-daughter duo contacted Arctic Air a few weeks ago find out about the Ladson SC commercial refrigeration services we could make available to them. The mother and daughter catering team was expanding as their business was really getting successful. The had been renting a kitchen space for a while because they just couldn’t afford their own kitchen at the outset as a new company trying to build up their business. With the demand and success that the duo received with their catering business they finally had saved up enough money to open their own kitchen, and stop renting. The mother and daughter catering company found a space for their catering business, and wanted us to provide commercial refrigeration. The commercial refrigeration space would have to be very large, because the mother and daughter produces large volumes of food for weddings, birthdays, and other big events.

Our professional and licensed technicians arrived at the location and looked over the kitchen space. The technicians went over commercial refrigeration options for the ladies, because we thrive on providing the best commercial refrigeration service that goes along with the customer’s budget. The ladies selected the option they wanted and that would work for their catering business, then asked the technicians to start as soon as possible.

Our technicians started working on the commercial refrigeration the following day, and within one week they had the commercial refrigeration installed. We were contacted by the mother and daughter catering company a few days ago. They were thrilled by the work that we provided with them.