Air Conditioning Repair Keeps Kids Cool

We received an emergency service call from concerned parents needing the fastest air conditioning repair Ladson SC had available. The parents called our 24-Hour emergency service hotline because their air conditioner was not putting out cool air and the parents’ young son was coming down with a very high fever. It was the worst time for their central AC to malfunction and they were afraid that he would get worse from the heat. They didn’t want to have to move him, but if the heat persisted they would be forced to take him to urgent care.

We let the parents know that one of our highly trained and licensed HVAC technicians would be out to their home within an hour or so, and he was. The HVAC technician arrived very quickly at the home for the air conditioning repair. The parents showed the technician were the air conditioning unit was located, and explained that the air conditioner was just not putting out cold air. The technician looked over the unit, and immediately found the problem. The technician thoroughly cleaned out the unit and put in a new filter, then turned the air conditioner on, and cool air started to flow immediately.

The parents let the technician know that they saved money by calling the 24-hour emergency service rather than having to take their son to the emergency room. Now, they don’t have costly medical bills to pay, and their home is cool for their son and themselves. The parents called our office to let us know that the timeliness of the work was quite impressive.