Cool Catering Company Seeks Commercial Refrigeration Help

A catering company owned by a mother-daughter duo contacted Arctic Air a few weeks ago find out about the Ladson SC commercial refrigeration services we could make available to them. The mother and daughter catering team was expanding as their business was really getting successful. The had been renting a kitchen space for a while because they just couldn’t afford their own kitchen at the outset as a new company trying to build up their business. With the demand and success that the duo received with their catering business they finally had saved up enough money to open their own kitchen, and stop renting. The mother and daughter catering company found a space for their catering business, and wanted us to provide commercial refrigeration. The commercial refrigeration space would have to be very large, because the mother and daughter produces large volumes of food for weddings, birthdays, and other big events.

Our professional and licensed technicians arrived at the location and looked over the kitchen space. The technicians went over commercial refrigeration options for the ladies, because we thrive on providing the best commercial refrigeration service that goes along with the customer’s budget. The ladies selected the option they wanted and that would work for their catering business, then asked the technicians to start as soon as possible.

Our technicians started working on the commercial refrigeration the following day, and within one week they had the commercial refrigeration installed. We were contacted by the mother and daughter catering company a few days ago. They were thrilled by the work that we provided with them.