T.G.I.F. – Yeahhh!

Hello everyone… the work day is coming to an end, and the weekend is at our doorstep.

I wanted to help all of my male friends out.  If you are in a relationship, you need to start planning for Valentine’s Day.  Yep, Valentine’s Day is one week away, and it is on a Friday.  With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday, I would imagine restaurants are going to be booked to full capacity.

balloons by bird's nest floristOne year, I forgot to make reservations.  Staci and I ended up going to a restaurant here in Summerville.  They were packed but said they could squeeze us in.  We were given a table.  The table was close to a large group. As we were waiting for our food to arrive, a couple sat down at the table with us.  We looked at each other, but not a word was said.  This couple thought that we were part of the large group that was dining at the table next to us.  Finally, someone from the large group waved them over. They got up and NEVER said a word! Now that was funny!

Also, I would like to mention that you may need to call your local florist.  Don’t use an 800 number, call the florist direct (hint, hint – 843-797-7673).  When you use a 1-800 (or other toll free service), you don’t really know what you are going to get.  Support your local businesses.

Personally, I have usedbirds nest florist Bird’s Nest Florist.  Sandra and her staff always do a good job for me, and Staci is always excited about the delivery. Usually, Sandra has a little chocolate heart, or something like that, to add to the flowers if you order early for Valentine’s Day.

I also like to call personally, so that I can tell the florist what I want in the arrangement.  Of course, I don’t know what the flowers are… I usually tell Sandra that I want something tropical and she does her thing. Staci and I are both surprised!

On a side note… don’t make excuses as to why you don’t like Valentine’s Day…. the day isn’t about us.  It is about our loved ones.  You know… the ones that put up with us all year long.  If you don’t want to buy into the commercialism of the day, then make something or do something.  Just make that person feel special… because they are special!

As always, we are available on the weekends if you have any issues or emergencies.  Just call 843-821-0937 or submit a service request online.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.