You don’t need to change your ac filters…ever! APRIL FOOLS!

You don’t need to change your ac filters… ever! April Fools!

I wish that was truly the case, but it is a bold faced lie! It is extremely important for you to change your ac filters when they are dirty. It is recommended that you at least check your filters once a month. If they are dirty, be sure to replace them with new ones.

So why is this so important?

Trap Particles

The air filters are used to trap dust, fur, and other particles before they make it to your ac’s evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is one place that an exchange of heat happens in your system. If the coil is clogged with dirt and debris, air is going to have a hard time getting through. Basically, this is like trying to suck air through a pinched straw.

Increases Efficiency

On top of making your ac very inefficient, it is going to cause your ac unit to have to work harder. With this added work, it is possible for your blower motor to overheat, and possibly fail. By simply changing your inexpensive air filter(s) on a regular basis, you are going to save yourself from prematurely wearing out your motor. And, you are going to save a lot of money by not having to replace an expensive component of your ac system.

Preventives Freezing

Decreased air flow can also cause your ac unit to freeze up. There should not be ice on your unit. If this is the case, check your air filters first. If they are clogged, they are blocking warmer air from reaching the evaporator coil. That warm air helps the coil to stay ice free. Without that air flow, you could experience an icing issue.

Low refrigerant is also a probable cause of freezing up. In this case, please give us a call to check out what is going on.

Regular Preventive Maintenance Needed

Changing your air filter on a regular basis is an important step in taking care of one of the most expensive “appliances” in your home, but it is not the only thing that needs to happen. Regular preventive maintenance checks will keep your unit running at its peak efficiency, catch small problems that could turn into major issues, and will give your ac unit the best chance of a long life.

Severely clogged condenser coil!

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