YEAH! The Weekend Is here!

PicnicWow, what an amazing week! We have been running like crazy.  I cannot say enough about the crew that we have here at Arctic Air.  Our service technicians certainly deserve a pat on the back.  I think all of them have worked at least 12 – 14 hours a day.

Here is what one of our newest customers said,

“Wow, I … felt so bad for your colleague who was there so late, they were both wonderful!… Please thank everyone who worked so hard on this yesterday for me!” -LB, Summerville

So, to Chuck, Patrick, Troy and Craig, we would like to say, “Thank You”.  You guys help make Arctic Air such a success.  We are very proud of how you represent Arctic Air and yourselves.

In addition, the only way this company is able to operate at the high level it does, is because of teamwork.  So, I must also mention Valarie, John, Staci, Becky and Monica. Each person makes such a difference at Arctic Air. Thanks for making this a great place to work!

We count ourselves as being blessed. Yes, it is sometimes stressful, but nonetheless, we are blessed to have work, and the ability to take care of our families.

jump castleThis weekend, we are going to honor our employees by having a picnic at the shop.  I say picnic, but that might not accurately describe the festivities.  Staci has ordered food, jump castles, and other games for the day.  She has really worked hard at putting this together.

This will be a great day to take a break and enjoy the food and fellowship with family, friends and co-workers.  Again, I cannot say how blessed I feel that we are.

I will update everyone with some pictures from the event.

Enjoy your weekend!