Winter Weather…Another Arctic Blast Coming!

Hello Friends,

I have lived in South Carolina all of my life! I cannot remember any snow storms like the one that the Charleston area is experiencing right now. At our home, we have at least 6-8″ of the white powdery stuff. As I was heading to meet with a customer on Wednesday, I drove from the Summerville exit to the College Park Rd exit. I think that there were about 12 cars in the ditch and that was just in the east bound lanes. I called my customer and told him that I thought it would be best for me to turn around. Thank God, I did. Shortly after I turned around, the sleet stopped and the snow fell, and fell, and fell. It was definitely a beautiful thing to see!

Our hope is that you are either safely at home, or safely at work. My neighbor is a firefighter, and he was leaving at around 6am to head into work. There are people around us that really do sacrifice their own safety, to be able to serve our community. So, whether you are a firefighter, police officer, EMS, 911 operator, military personnel, doctor, nurse, and the list goes on…Thank you! And a thank you to those who have less glorified positions… waitresses, cooks, cashiers. Whoever reported to work today to serve someone else… Thank you!

With this extreme cold, we know that there are many families without heat. Because of the conditions on the roads, we are not able to get out today. We are taking calls and as soon as it is safe, we will be getting out to provide help. Please call ASAP, so that we can get you in the line up.

Our technicians will be working on Saturday to try to get to as many people as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

You can place a service call by calling 843-821-0937, or by going to to place an online service call.

Please feel free to share your photos of your wintery weather scene!


Mike & Staci


Thanks to Theresa F. for this photo opportunity.

Koda all tucked in!

It was too cold for us to go out, but our neighbors and their kids were having the best time (Jesse, Theresa, Mackenzie, Logan and Mason).  Cooper, the golden lab, had a ball outside too!


Lighting the way.


Koda all tucked in!


The view from our front porch.


The view from inside of our home.