Is it time for a Precision Tune-up on your AC?

Ruud Htg-Clg-NewPlatform-Residential GroupIt is that time of year again in the Greater Charleston / Summerville SC area! You know that time when you need a jacket in the morning, and shorts & a T-shirt for the afternoon. With the weather changing so often, it is nice to know that we have the option of heat or cooling to keep us comfortable.

Charleston AC maintenance

Dirty coils block airflow!

Needless to say, our heating and cooling systems have been getting a work out. Because of the mild temperatures that we are now experiencing, it is a great time to get your ac system tuned-up! Here is why…as our service technicians go through your ac system, they can head off small problems BEFORE they become MAJOR ones.

In addition, when a precision tune-up is performed by one of our technicians, you can rest assured that you are getting the most efficiency out of the unit that you possibly can. What does that mean to you? It helps you to STOP OVERPAYING the electric company! If a part of the system is causing the motors to work harder, more amps (more electricity) is needed to overcome the load. The more amps that your unit requires, the more electricity you have to buy from the electric company, which results is higher electric bills. <======= Read that again…. HIGHER ELECTRIC BILLS!  No one wants that!

moneyDo you already have high electric bills? There are plenty of great options in new air conditioning / heating systems that can help you reduce your electric bill. Please feel free to call Mike @ 843-821-0937 to get a free estimate.

I would like to mention that SCE&G has rebates for its customers who choose energy-efficient units (15 SEER and higher). These rebates range from $200 – $400. In addition, the Federal Government is offer $300 in tax credits for energy-efficient split and packaged heat pumps and air conditioners units that meet their criteria.

Financing is available… payments as low as $75/mo with approved credit. We also have options for those with “not so great” credit.

$79 AC Tune-up; $1599 off new unit, financing available