The 5th Annual 9/11 Heroes Run on Daniel Island, SC – 2016

The 5th Annual 9/11 Heroes Run on Daniel Island, SC took place on 9/10/16.

The 5th Annual Heroes Run was a great event coordinated with the Travis Manion Foundation and local volunteers.  It is truly amazing to see what a great turn out this was. My neighbors, Theresa and Jesse Faircloth (Director and Co-director, respectively) volunteer hours upon hours of time all year long to make this event a success.  I would also like to mention that they have a great group of friends, family and others, who also volunteer hours without compensation.

img_0655This year, flags were made by hand with each 9/11 Victim’s names printed on them and put out for this event. Because I live beside Theresa and Jesse, I can attest to having many people over until 4am in the morning. These volunteers worked tirelessly to make this event GREAT!

With this being the 5th Annual Heroes Run and the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, there were several special people who came out to show their support. Three individuals in particular were Guests of Honor. These guests were 9/11 First Responder, Retired FDNY Batallion 35 EMT Michael Dell’Era, former FDNY Batallion 45 EMT Laura Siebuhr Mendola, and Corporal Kimber Gist with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department.

Not only does the proceeds made from this event go to help Veteran through the Travis Manion Foundation (, but 3 local organizations will also benefit.  These 3 groups are the Berkeley County EMS, Charleston County Rescue Squad, and the James Island Fire Department (James Island Public Service District).

Arctic Air has been a sponsor for the last two years.  In partnership with McCall’s Supply and Ruud, we were able to give away cooling towels to 500 people at this event. After the race, they went like hotcakes!

We would like to thank everyone with the Charleston SC 9/11 Heroes Run, including the directors, and volunteers, the Travis Manion Foundation, McCall’s Supply (Rick Sanders, Jeff Stewart, Carla McCall, and Rick Smith), Ruud (manufacturer of quality AC units), and anyone else who helped in putting on a great event.

Finally, and most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our service men and women, first responders, police officers, EMTs, firemen and women, and others who give sacrificially to the people of the United States.

We will always stand in support of the United States and the Freedoms that have been given to us through the sacrifices of others! May God Bless You and the United States of America!

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