Air Conditioning Units for Beleaguered Workers

We recently received a service call from a small real estate firm in South Carolina. The small rental company owner was having air conditioning issues in a few suites at their corporate center’s offices. The offices were hot, sticky, and the office workers were complaining about the conditions of the office, so the small rental company owner wanted us to install some Summerville SC air conditioning units in their offices.

The crew arrived at the corporate central office location, and the offices were hot and unbearable. The crew went to work quickly, so they could get the new air conditioning units installed, and the office workers would be able to work in comfort. As the crew would get one office air conditioning unit installed they would quickly start on the next office air conditioning unit. We understand that it can be miserable, and nobody wants to work in a hot, stuffy office, and this is why they were working as quickly and effectively as they could for the office members. At the end of the day the crew had all the office units exchanged with brand new air conditioning units. The office members were so happy with the timely work that our crew had provided, but the bosses was more thrilled, because now the office workers could be more productive in a cool, comfortable office.

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