Single Mom in Summerville gets New AC with Honeywell UV Light

Single Mom gets New AC in Summerville

I wanted to share some photos of a job that we just completed in the Summerville Area (Sangaree). Who ever installed the ac that was in this house did a terrible job. Because the unit was not the right equipment for this house, the customer was experiencing issues with mold, humidity, higher electric bills and she was extremely uncomfortable in her home.

After meeting with several ac companies, this single mom decided to hire Arctic Air. I know that it is hard to get excited about air conditioning units, however, we were very excited to help this mom solve several issues that she was experiencing in her home.

I know that you don’t want to be bored with the details, but I did want to show some pictures of the work that we did. I have also included pictures of the house right beside our customer’s home. I have also pointed out some differences in our installation vs theirs.

Craig and Troy did a great job here! Despite the hard work, the heat, and all of the hurdles that came against them, they did a quality job that they can be very proud of. The entire crew at Arctic Air cares about our customers and their families.

Consumer reports says, “Finding a trustworthy contract to install and service an air conditioning system matters the most.” (Consumer Reports May 20o1). Arctic Air has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has been in business for 22 years, and has the desire to work towards being a better company every day.


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9/11 Heroes Run – Daniel Island, SC

Arctic Air is a proud sponsor of the 9/11 Heroes Run scheduled for 9/12 on Daniel Island. The race begins at 9:00am. Please plan to arrive early as several of the road ways will be closed.

Please come out to run, to support your runner, and to support the first responders and military!

Kyle Carpenter is scheduled to attend, run and, briefly speak at the event. Who is Kyle Carpenter?  A TRUE AMERICAN HERO. Kyle threw himself in front of a grenade to protect another Marine.  Want to know more, just check out

Happy Labor Day

It is almost 5pm… actually, just after 5pm. I can hear the whistle blowing…. Yabadabadoo!! We would like to wish every one a very Happy Labor Day weekend. You have worked hard and you deserve it.

Unfortunately, our ac equipment doesn’t know that it is time for a long holiday weekend. So, if you find yourself needed some help concerning your ac, please give us a call. We have technicians on call for emergency situations. Just call our regular number (843-821-0937) and a live operator will answer.  Our techs will be forwarded the request, and will give you a call to set up a time to meet.