Serving New Gym Effective Heating and Cooling in Summerville SC

A yoga studio contacted Arctic Air a few weeks ago to see about having heating and cooling work done at their studio. The yoga studio owner wanted to have full access over their thermostat, so their teachers could lead hot yoga sessions, and be cool at the same time. Arctic Air let the yoga studio owner know that we are the heating and cooling Summerville SC experts in the area. We set up an appointment with the studio owner, and the Arctic Air professional and trained HVAC technicians arrived on time.

The yoga studio owner showed the technicians the current thermostat control for the heating and cooling. The technician noticed that the current thermostat was out dated. It would not provide full access over the thermostat, and the current thermostat was not energy efficient. The technician went over a few options of thermostats with the yoga studio owner, and the yoga studio owner selected the thermostat that would provide total access, and energy efficiency. The technician went to work on removing the old thermostat, then installing the new one. Within just a couple of hours the work was completed, and the technician showed the yoga studio owner how to operate the new thermostat. The technician let the yoga studio owner know if she had any questions or problems to just call the Arctic Air office, and a technician would be out immediately.

The yoga studio owner contacted Arctic Air yesterday and said, “The technician that came to the studio was highly knowledgeable and skillful. He went out of his way to help me”. With the heating and cooling thermostat I can now offer more yoga classes in a controlled air environment.