Restaurant AC Replacement in North Charleston, SC

Arctic Air Inc., your trusted heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration specialists in North Charleston, SC, were recently enlisted by a local business owner for a crucial restaurant AC replacement project. Their heating and cooling unit wasn’t cooling their building. Employees were suffering (especially the cooks!), and customers complained that it was uncomfortable. Known in South Carolina for our extensive AC repair experience and commitment to quality service, the local business owner knew Arctic Air was the company to call for their commercial AC needs.

Efficient Restaurant AC Replacement by Arctic Air Inc. Cools Local Diners

restaurant AC replacement


Our dedicated team swiftly responded to the North Charleston client’s needs, arriving at the restaurant to assess the issues with their air conditioning unit. It wasn’t distributing cold air effectively, and they’d experienced many other signs of a refrigerant leak, including high electric bills, water leaks, and freezing coils.

Upon inspection, our technicians identified a leak on a valve and coils within the restaurant’s North Charleston, SC, AC unit. Our techs efficiently detected refrigerant leaks using advanced tools like electronic leak detectors, known as sniffers. These detectors use heat to break apart refrigerant molecules, enabling the detection of ions produced during a leak, ultimately triggering a beep that lets the tech know there was a leak.

The optimal solution for their issues was replacing the unit because there were so many leaks in different areas. Our team ensured a seamless restaurant AC replacement process, swiftly addressing the refrigerant leak and sourcing a new, efficient heating and cooling system. We installed it quickly so that the cooks and servers could get back to work and local diners could get their favorite foods.

SC Business Owners: Call Arctic Air Inc. for Expert Restaurant AC Replacement in North Charleston, SC!

When your customers are hot or your commercial fridges aren’t cooling, our team should be your go-to choice for quality commercial heating and cooling repair and replacement in North Charleston, SC. Our expertise, timely service, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the preferred HVAC partner in the community. Contact us today to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your commercial space with restaurant AC replacement and more!

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restaurant AC replacement