Residential HVAC System Replacement Saves Summerville SC Homeowners

When clients in our service areas are freezing, Arctic Air Inc. is ready with residential HVAC system replacement. The trusted HVAC expert in central South Carolina recently fixed a concerning issue for a homeowner in Summerville, SC. With an older heating and cooling system malfunctioning, they suffered discomfort due to inadequate heat. After hearing about us from a neighbor, the homeowners sought our help.

Restoring Heat to Summerville Residents: Arctic Air Inc’s HVAC System Replacements

Our team swiftly responded, replacing their obsolete HVAC system with an advanced residential unit that would provide year-round comfort without sky-high bills. This residential replacement project began with a comprehensive site assessment, ensuring seamless integration of the new system with the home’s existing ductwork. Disconnection and safe removal of the outdated HVAC unit was followed by detailed site preparation for the installation phase. Preparing the home involved adjusting the platform to accommodate the modern unit seamlessly. Then, our home HVAC experts installed the new heating and cooling system with precision in wiring connections, refrigerant lines, and ductwork, ensuring optimal performance. Rigorous testing ensured flawless functionality before concluding the installation.

Our happy Summerville client remarked, “I highly recommend Arctic Air for professional heating and cooling work.” This success story highlights our expertise and the transformative impact on homeowners.

Arctic Air Inc.: Elevating Comfort in Summerville, SC Homes with Residential HVAC System Replacements

Arctic Air Inc., a family-owned business serving the Lowcountry since 1993, boasts an esteemed A+ BBB rating since 1995. Specializing in HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, and unit replacements, we prioritize customer satisfaction. For property owners seeking unparalleled heating and cooling solutions in Summerville, consider Arctic Air Inc.

Experience year-round comfort! Contact us before you start to freeze!