AC Repair is Quick and Easy with Arctic Air

Recently, Arctic Air Inc was contacted by a couple in need of our services. The couple had recently had a bunch of landscaping work done at their home and some of the newly planted foliage was draping over their air conditioning unit, so after a week they called Arctic Air Inc for quick and affordable ac repair in North Charleston at their home.

The Arctic Air Inc professional technician arrived at the home to look over the unit. He told them that they needed to slightly adjust the landscaping for optimal performance. He told the couple that the foliage was blocking air to the unit, which was making the unit not perform properly. The technician told the couple they didn’t have to eliminate their plants enitrely, but just that they needed to have the them moved over just a bit. This would allow the unit could receive proper ventilation and be able to produce cool air. The customers were happy to hear that their air conditioning unit wasn’t going to cost a fortune to fix or need to be replaced, and, even though they had just had the landscaping work done, they preferred having the plants moved over a bit because that was more affordable than purchasing a new air conditioning system. While the technician was there he made sure the unit was clean and fully charged. The customers were thankful that they called Arctic Air Inc for their AC repair, because any other company might not have been as honest and they would have spent a fortune in unnecessary repairs.