New Appliance Installation Before Full Remodel

A former pilot in North Charleston wanted to get rid of his window unit and overhaul his house. He wanted to do a lot of the renovations himself, but he called us to do all of the HVAC in North Charleston, because he was not handy when it came to electrical systems. We met with the retired pilot to check out his home and to provide him with an air conditioning unit that would meet his needs.

Our HVAC and air conditioning experts were on their way.

This home was the site for a great HVAC job in North Charleston - Arctic AirWe arrived at the residence at the time requested by the homeowner. We looked over the area where the new AC unit was to be installed and look over the ducts that were at the home. His ducts were set up well, but he still needed to have a new air conditioning unit installed. We showed him several different brands and sizes of air conditioning units, so he could choose one that he wanted. He choose one that was perfect for his medium sized home.

We scheduled a day and time to do our HVAC services that would be accommodating to the homeowner’s schedule, so we could install the new AC unit, and our crew arrived right on time. The crew started installing the new unit, and within a few hours it was installed and ready to cool the home.

Once we were finished with that task, we made some recommendations to the homeowner regarding his remodeling plans. We wanted to make sure he wouldn’t adversely affect the functioning of his new AC unit. The retired pilot was really impressed with our knowledge. He thought about the suggestions we made and he agreed that they were right on track. We showed the homeowner how to set his new air conditioning unit and let him know if he had any questions or problems to just give us a call and we would be right out to assist him.

Several weeks later this homeowner contacted us. He told us that he received his first electric bill using his central air conditioning unit, and was very happy that it was the cheapest bill he ever had. He said if knew how much cheaper his energy costs would have been he would have had us install the unit sooner. The homeowner was so impressed that he has been telling everyone that we are a great North Charleston HVAC company to work with.