Hurricane Matthew…

Before you get to far into this blog, I would love to have you comment on any positive, random acts of kindness that you may have witness before, during or after Hurricane Matthew.  Please post on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

(Scroll down to see the super special – good until 10/31/2016)

What a week! With so much devastation in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, we count ourselves as blessed.

As a survivor of Hurricane Hugo, I personally know the hardship that comes after the storm. My family went without power for 6 weeks. Talk about changing your world!

Also, I have seen the struggles with the “1000 Year Flood” from last year. Some, still have not recovered from that. I know that is tough. And, you are being prayed for by so many.

I will say that I am very proud to be living in the Greater Charleston Area. The majority of people are kind, caring and compassionate. It seems that whenever Charleston gets hit with something bad, the people of Charleston rise up and do great things. (When I say the Charleston area, I mean: Charleston, North Charleston, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Mt. Pleasant, Johns Island, James Island, Moncks Corner, Summerville, Ladson, Lincolnville, Ridgeville, Daniel Island, Jedburg, and others.)

Arctic Air - Trees Uprooted - Summerville SC

The corner of Varnfield Dr and Sheep Island Rd in Summerville SC

Until this morning (October 11, 2016), Arctic Air still did not have power. Again, thankfully, we were able to still work, but it sure was nice to have power back.  It is amazing how something like electricity can change your life so dramatically. Not to mention, if you are without power at your home.14595749_10210519494732512_1920436559752169182_n

All of us would like to say THANK YOU to all of our First Responders. It is pretty easy to just say “Thank You” and move on, however, I live next to a Charleston County Fireman. I watched him rush to get his house ready for the storm, get his family all together and packed up, and then help move them to a location that they would feel safe. I watched him leave his family, so that he could help the community. So, when I say “Thank You”, it is a deep, heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for those who are leaving their families.

So to the Fireman, Police Officers, EMTs, Shelter workers, those at the Emergency Command Center, Nurses, Doctors and others who made sacrifices for others…  THANK YOU!aa-says-thank-you

There are others that volunteered and just went out of their way to help another family or friend, we say “Thank You” to you also. In our own neighborhood (Weatherstone – behind Kohl’s in Summerville SC), there were so many acts of kindness. People watching other’s homes, people helping secure items down, people offering help with clean up, people offering up their refrigerators and freezers… It was a wonderful to experience the Weatherstone at its best.

Finally, we would like to offer a Super Special for Residential AC or Heating service calls in our normal service area. This special ends on 10/31/2016. You must mention this special when you call in.  This is a true special!