How can you stay cool when your AC has gone out?

How can you stay cool when your AC has gone out?

Ok, most have experienced this… It is the hottest day of summer in Summerville SC (or Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Island, North Charleston, Hanahan, etc). The sun is blazing, the humidity is off the charts, you are sweating like a pig, and you just want to cool off. You walk into your home, and, as soon as you open the door, you are hit with a wave of hot air pouring from your home.

Your first thought is, “Who turned off the air conditioner?” That thought is quickly followed by, “I am going to kill the person who turned off the ac!” (<==== figuratively speaking, not literal)

You decide to check for yourself, so you go to the thermostat. You notice that it is almost 90°F in your house. Ugh. You flip the switches on the thermostat back and forth, praying that the air will come on.  You hope that this is a fluke, but you soon discover that it is not! What are you going to do now? A quick Google search, or, if you still have one, a quick flip through the local yellow pages to find an ac repair company.

Now you are faced with several ads and choices. Most people start at the top, and work there way down.

What do you do?

I suggest that you call Arctic Air. “Why?”, you might ask.  Here is why, Arctic Air has just purchased four (4) portable air conditioners to help our customers stay cool while their ac unit is out. (Typically, Arctic Air can get to your home the same day, and fix your unit.) On occasion, parts may have to be ordered, or, you may need a new unit. I know that being comfortable (and cool) is the key to a good nights rest during the summertime. We want you to be your best at work and at home!

portable ac units

So, what does it cost to have these units temporarily placed into your home? If you allow us to make the repair or install a new unit, the cost is ZERO. We are offering these as a complimentary service to our customers. We will pick these units up when the job is complete. Please note: We do not guarantee availability of these units. This is something that we are doing in an effort show goodwill to our customers.

True Story

One of our customers called and said that her ac was out. When the technician got there, he found a massive leak in the condenser coil. We had to tell her that she needed a new unit. It was late on a Friday afternoon, and in the middle of summer.

The service technician called into the office, and explained the situation. After  John and Valarie, the owners’ of Arctic Air, heard about this lady’s plight, they asked the technician to go to the local “big box” hardware store to pick up a portable unit for her to use (until her unit was replaced).

This sweet lady suffers with diabetes and a heart condition. We could not leave her in her home with no air conditioning.  She was so thankful that we would do this for her, especially since it was after 6:00pm on Friday.

What does this mean for you?

So, what does this mean for you? If you, or someone you know, has an ac that goes out, please call us! If parts are several days out, or you need a new unit, we can provide you with complimentary portable units to use until we can get your ac back up and running.

Have a great week!!

Please remember that we are here for you throughout the week and the weekend.  We also offer emergency service after “normal” business hours. 843-821-0937