Air Conditioner Installation Goes Smoothly

We received an urgent call from a librarian in our area. The librarian was very used to indoor weather due to her job. She rarely spent any time outdoors, because her love of reading and, of course, her job kept her indoors. One afternoon when she returned home from work she noticed immediately that her home wasn’t cool at all. She went to the thermostat and lowered the temperature, but within thirty minutes the house was still hot, so when her AC completely broke down she needed to contact the best air conditioner installation Goose Creek SC residents relied on for fast and effective service, which is our company. We assured her that we would be out the following morning, because we understand that everyone needs to have their AC running properly.

The technician arrived the following morning, and looked over her air conditioner unit. Unfortunately, the technician would not be able to repair the unit. The unit was over twenty-five years old, and was beyond repair, but we went over a variety of affordable options for the customer to meet her needs. She selected the system that she wanted, and our professional crew returned to install the system. We were able to have it done for her before she returned home from work. The customer walked in the door, and was giddy, because her home was once cool again. She was impressed with the services provided by Arctic Air Inc.